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How do I add more details on my build?

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How do I add more details on my build?
I don't know how to start!
(If you get inspired and end up building something, send me your builds and I will showcase them in a video)
I have a simple guide with some usefull tips that can answer this question on that video. The video has more details but if you prefer to just read a summary then just keep scrolling :).

In my opinion the most basic step in learning how to make your builds more detailed is to learn how to add depth to it. The easiest way to demonstrate this is with a wall, notice how if you build the wall one block back from the log you get this corner. But when you have a completely straight wall where the stone brick and the log is aligned, there is this flat surface.
Why does that corner matter? That corner is a good space available for adding some of the most important blocks to detail up your build: stairs, slabs, fences.
Since youve started adding stairs, slabs, fences, and whatever you want to add in a corner or an area with already depth to it, it is continuious. You will rarely end up in a flat surface, endless corners and endless depths!
Let's see how it works on some actual houses.

Don't be scared to use stairs, slabs, bushes and fences... experiment!

After learning about depth, let's see some ways we can apply it. Don't be scared to abuse stairs, slabs, fences and most important... bushes!
For example, I want to build a broken old wall with depth and detail on it, how do I do that? You can literally just pile up stairs and don't even care about which direction they are placed at (I did this in the video). With all the stuff mentioned, you would make a broken old wall look cool :)

For the other guides such as how to build a quick custom tree and how to apply what I've mentioned into building a pathway instead of walls and houses please check out the video is much easier for you to understand.
Thanks for reading or watching! c;


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