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How To Add Custom Sounds To Resource Packs

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(Off Topic): Hey! You probably don't know me but I am CreeperThad5. (You can call me Jaguwar <- New name) 
I made this channel a while back and I did some really nooby work. Few of the things I posted I had took time in, and I would like to apologize, but I am back and I am going to take my posts seriously now. I am going to be posting mainly skins, no more rants, no more 5 minute skins! I deleted most of the work that was useless and I went from level 12 to level 9, but my posts will be hard work from now on.

(Back To Topic):
Hey Guys! So you want to know how to add sounds to your resource pack... well, I am going to show you just this! When you know how to do it, the task is very easy. Follow each step one by one and by the end you should know how to add custom sounds to your resource pack!

A Computer (Duh)
A Resource Pack (Double duh)
A Microphone (If making your own sounds)
A sound editor (To transfer files to .ogg)

Step One:
The first step is simple. Go to your search bar and type in %appdata%
Travel to the folder "roaming" then travel to the folder ".minecraft". Go into the resource pack folder and insert your resource pack. If you don't have one just download the default Minecraft resource pack and edit that one. (I am assuming you know how to do that, otherwise you wouldn't be searching how to make sounds yet! :P) 

Step Two:
Go into your resource pack and go to assets, then go to the folder "minecraft" then create a knew folder and name it "sounds". 

Step Three:
Open up your sound editor, I prefer Audacity. It is completely free and it can save files as .ogg which you need to import sounds into the game. Click the red button to start recording, record the sound you want. You may toy around with Audacity and make it sound nice. 

Step Four:
Click "File" in the top left corner and a dropdown menu should appear. Click on "Export Audio" and a box should open. Name the file as something random (You will change it later) and make sure that the file type is selected as a Vorbis Ogg File. Save it onto your desktop. Stay with me, it is about to get confusing)

Step Five:
Get a list of all the sound files. You will need this for the sound to work. For example, I am replacing the burp sound. You have to make sure you know the name of the sound (burp.ogg) and what folder it is located in. (random)
Make a new folder in the sounds folder and name it the folder name that the sounds belong in. (I would create a sound named "random") 

Step Six:
Drag your sound file that is on your desktop into the folder you just created. Rename it the name of that sound. (burp.ogg)

Step Seven:
Open up Minecraft. Put on your resource pack (Make sure to refresh it if you already have it on, or else the changes won't save.) and test the sound! If you did it correctly, the sound should have changed. 

If you have any questions or problems, either comment or PM me!
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03/11/2018 12:34 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
2D____ avatar
where exactly are the vanilla sound files located?
12/19/2016 6:33 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
Suphacker_Tem avatar
Music disks don't really work...
10/05/2017 2:45 pm
Level 45 : Master Procrastinator
Vincents Anxiety
Vincents Anxiety avatar
What do you mean by that..?
11/02/2016 6:02 am
Level 1 : New Miner
chickenboss99 avatar
help the sounds won't play
03/28/2016 7:26 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Pokemon
swadley2 avatar
Doesn't work in 1.9
08/03/2015 9:15 am
Level 31 : Artisan Blacksmith
ZenKarateMaster avatar
what about for mobs and music disks
08/11/2015 6:02 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Network
Redified avatar
It should be around somewhere in one of the folders. Everything is located in the .minecraft so look around and you will most likely find it.
08/30/2015 9:31 am
Level 31 : Artisan Blacksmith
ZenKarateMaster avatar
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