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How to advertise your server the right way!

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Wolfyzz avatar Wolfyzz
Level 16 : Journeyman Hunter
How to get a famous server:

Alright the last few years people have noticed that there are a lot of minecraft servers growing to around 600 players, like it's 'nothing'. Well let me tell you what, this 'nothing' are basically THE two things that you will need to get a succesful server.

'Thing' one:
You will need the best banner EVER. I've noticed that servers with an amazing banner, will get players easily, I'm not saying that you will immediatelly get 200 players on your server, but I think that you will get up to 40% more players, it's a total guess, I have actually no idea.
Banner requirements:
- Well starting of you will need a good editing program, because having a good banner is like having 50% of your players!
- It has to be in a GIF format, if you don't know what a GIF file is, search it up on google, it's basically a moving image, moving images attract way more players than just one solid image!
- Try to insert as many USEFULL information into your banner, like 'PvP factions, Creative world, 24/7, 8 gb ram!' This kind of information, don't write a whole story in your banner, only the basic information which will attract players
- Try to give it a specific style, don't mix too many colors, I've used for example grey,black and white!
- Don't make it too shiny, there are some banners out there which are flickering a sh*t ton of colours and are just annoying, not even adorable anymore ...
- Well as some of you might have noticed already, a banner needs to be 200kb on planetminecraft, and believe me, planetminecraft is where you wanna be if you have a new'ish server and are in need of players!
- Try to add a lot of frames to your banner so it looks smooth!

'Thing' two:
Alot of people won't be able to do this, including me so don't worry if you can't use this 'thing' ...
I've noticed that when you get your server sponsored on for example www.minestatus.net, you will mostly get a minimum of around 30 regulars on your server, which is GOOD, it's not 300 players but it is 30 players, so next time you a new player joins the server he will stay because it isn't just a boring server with 3 people on it who are always afk
Be aware of that getting your server sponsored will cost you around 300 pounds a month ... and yes that is A LOT of money for just normal minecraft players who want to start a server like you and me!
But once you've done that for one month, you're almost good to go!
And ofcourse your server needs to run as long as possible, the more it crashes or restarts the lower your UPTOWN will be! And with a low uptown people won't join simply, because they think it's another unfinished server which keeps crashing!

The final word:
Basically the two 'things' I've given a description of in this blog are the main things you want to put your time in, and ofcourse ONLY ADVERTISE WHEN YOUR SERVER IS FINISHED!
Advertising is almost 75% of your server, but SERVER QUALITY matters too! If your server is just boring and it has nothing special to it, people won't be planning to stay long, so keep talking to the players once they joined and keep them active, if possible, create a website.
An easy way to get a website for your server is using www.enjin.com it's easy, and its free!

~Wolfy :3
Hoped this helped you out a lot!

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04/13/2019 4:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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Level 9 : Apprentice Artist
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09/16/2017 7:51 pm
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please join my survival server the ip is192.168.1.11
09/08/2017 4:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Forest_Fairy avatar
Plz join my server N25379.pocket.pe port is 25379
07/20/2016 11:38 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
MamaBeau avatar
Helped me out, we have a great server but we aren't getting much traffic just yet, we are getting a new banner made as I speak and are looking into paying for sponsorships but man they are pricey!

Good luck to everyone else! Maybe I'll drop by and let you all know how it works!
09/07/2013 11:05 am
Level 30 : Artisan Pirate
joehot200 avatar
I'm going to disagree and say advertising is NOTHING. It is keeping players on the server.

Sure i used to get barely 20 new players a day - but my server was STILL GROWING. at least 10 of them stayed. I have seen people get 100 new players and only have 5 stay. Its about the server, not the advertising.

Also having something radical & different is good. I used to have 120+ people online, because i had features like guns which at the time were on no other server.

I was forced to switch host and lost 70% of my players, but ah well.
08/28/2013 3:53 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Artist
prime909 avatar
wow, thanks men! I'm trying to make a mini-game-Hub server atm. And yeah I think advertising is really important :D + the banner its really for me because im a Graphic Designer and I have a lot of clients that always pay me good money to make a good banner for there server.
08/28/2013 10:33 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Hunter
Wolfyzz avatar
Glad to hear I helped someone out :3
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