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How to Change the Enchantment Language to English

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Changing the Language

  1. Open Minecraft.
  2. Click the 'Texture Packs' button
  3. De-Select your preferred texture pack
  4. Click 'Open Texture Pack Folder'
  5. Open your preferred texture pack using a program such as WinRAR
  6. Go back to the Texture Pack Folder.
  7. Depending on which system you are running on this step will be slightly different. You must go BACKWARDS one folder. If done correctly you will find yourself in the .minecraft folder.
  8. From here select the .bin folder.
  9. Open the .minecraft zip using WinRAR or such programs
  10. Copy the 'font' folder from the .minecraft zip to your preferred texture pack zip
  11. Open the copied folder that is now in your texture pack zip.
  12. Open both of the images in a program such as Paint.Net
  13. Copy the image 'default' onto the image 'alternative'
  14. Save.
  15. Go back to your texture pack and accept the save.
  16. Return to Minecraft
  17. Select your texture pack from the list.
  18. Access your world
  19. Find an enchantment table.

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