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How to Create a Stunning Theme Park!

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Background Info:

I love Minecraft, and I primarily use it for creative, and whenever I was feeling bored, I’d sketch up some plans for a new Minecraft theme park. When I was younger, my theme parks were basically just random roller coasters poorly plopped down wherever I felt, but over time, I realized that theme parks were more than just random rollercoasters. I began taking a lot of inspiration from Disney Parks with their excellent theming and began to incorporate that into my parks. Now, I feel like I have truly mastered theme park creation in Minecraft, and I now want to share that knowledge with the world so you all can become excellent theme park creators as well.

How to Plan a Theme Park:

When coming up with an idea of a theme park, you need to first come up with an idea for the overarching theme of the theme park. For instance, the real theme park, Epcot, is themed around the accomplishments of humanity, past, present, and future. Another example could be Cedar Point, which isn’t exactly focused about theming, but it’s more focused towards thrills. Sometimes, that type of theme park will work just fine, but I find theme parks with more theming more interesting. Anyways, after you develop the overarching theme, you need to come up with ideas for lands. These lands have to fit within the overarching theme of course, like in Epcot, there are 2 main lands, Future World and World Showcase which both fit within the theme of Epcot. Future World celebrates the future of humanity and World Showcase presents different cultures of the world, all fitting within the theme of humanity’s accomplishments. Here’s another example, let’s say you want to make a theme park themed around magical realms of fantasy, then making a land themed around a dragon’s lair located inside a volcano would make sense. A land about a haunted forest would make sense, but a land about America in the early 20th century would not make sense. If you wanted a make a theme park about history, it would make sense, but a dragon’s lair would not. Another aspect of planning a theme park is the rides, and you have to ask yourself these questions: What type of rides do I want? Do I want these rides to be heavily themed or simply more thrilling? Where do I want these rides? When determining what kind of rides you want, it is entirely up to you, but the ride MUST make sense in whatever land it is in. Just like theming, a ride has to make sense in a themed land. In a futuristic land, a pirate ride would not make sense, in a circus land, a haunted hotel ride would not make sense. You also have to think if you want thrill rides (think Six Flags or Cedar Point) or more themed rides with a story (think Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean) or maybe both. After you have all these things done, there’s only more thing to think about: layout. A layout is crucial to making an awesome theme park. When designing a theme park, don’t lay off the layout assuming you’ll make it up as you go, it won’t work! For instance, when I made a theme park themed around different eras of American history, I made each land center around a huge lake. If you have no ideas on what to do for a layout, search up ideas online using park maps from famous theme parks. You need to think: Where am I going to put these lands? How should guests enter the theme park? Consider all of these! Now, you have all of this done, so now you’re ready to get started!

Building the Park:

Now comes the exciting part, building the park! This part is clearly the part that involves the most patience and devotion and you need to make sure you are truly dedicated to what you are doing. Also, a small disclaimer, this is just the way I make my parks, you don’t have to follow these guidelines to a tee, I just want to help people make understand how to make amazing theme parks. The first thing to build is the spawn, and when building the spawn you can do one of two things. 1. Make the spawn point amazing and grandiose so people are immediately enticed once they join or 2. Make the spawn ordinary and/or boring, but make the first land people enter into extraordinary and grandiose, this way people won’t expect much when they join until they enter the park and see how amazing it is. Both methods are extremely useful in making the guest excited to explore your park, but what about the rides?

Building Rides:

Rides are essential to a theme park, they’re the main reason people go, so you need to make your rides amazing! Now, in the planning step, you already planned all the rides you want to build, so you’re ready to build them in Minecraft! The first step to build a ride is creating a queue (the line you have to wait in before going on a ride), and you have to make sure the queue tells the story of the ride in a fun way (usually through scenery) before you enter the ride. This way, walking through the queue serves a purpose. The next step is the loading station, which like the queue, should match the theme of the ride. Next, it really depends on what type of ride you’re making. If it’s a rollercoaster, make sure it has a big hill and then small hills to create a stylistic and realistic ride. If you’re doing a scenic ride like the Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean, make sure the ride has a story, and every part of the story is explained throughout the ride. Also, in scenic rides, make sure you add A LOT of scenery to make sure it doesn’t get boring.


Great! You now know how to make an amazing Minecraft theme park! Now, all you have to do is put it into actions, and with these steps, you should have a great theme park that will captivate the imagination of everyone that sees it! Good luck!

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