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How To Get More People On Your Server! *Fast

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oceanimus avatar oceanimus
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Hello, in this article I will be describing to you how to get that player count to its max! Personally myself I have had allot of servers over the past 2 years. And most of them have been pretty successful. But I did some research my self and looked for the best way to up my server count and I've never looked back. from 5 players my server had a commited player count of 20 - 30 players. And I'm gonna share those tips with you now.

Server Lists & PMC

Look at the website your on now! Planet Minecraft! One of the mostvisitedMinecraftforumsin the world! And yous ee up there? Next to the 'Mods' & 'Texture Packs' Tabs? There is a SERVER Tab! Upload your server here. And everyday at 8pm - 9pm GMT: 2pm - 3pm ESTUPDATE THAT SERVER.Updating your server everyday will get youcommittedplayers and this is good due to the committed players like to donate :3. Also , don't just post on PMC post on other server lists and....Write A Good Description!The description is what gets your players on the server! It's the 1'st thing they read (Make sure to include the best bits about your server.) and it's the thing they read to see if your server is worth it however allot of players don't read the description! So that takes us to the pictures and videos! Make sure to include pictures of your server and also opening the pictures up on gimp or photo shop and editing them so it says the best bits about it on it. (Check out my server post to see what I'm talking about.) Also include a good youtube video! Get a good video recorder and video editor andactuallymake a decent video! Dont make it look like it was recorded with apotato! Also put some music in the that video and make itinteresting!

The Plugins!

Get some decent plugins! Don't get too much that it lags your server, but pick some you need! Some I would highlyrecommendwould be :

  • Essentials
  • LogBlock (Requires A MySql Server. However try out CoreProtection.)
  • NoCheat++
  • Votifier(This ishighlyrecommended to get your server more votes!)

Thanks for reading this and I hope this helped! And remember getting your server big takes time! So be patient!

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Update #1 : by oceanimus 09/21/2013 11:58:18 amSep 21st, 2013

Made Everything A Bit More Straight :3

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