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How to install Snapshots (Mac, Windows)

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Ever wondered how to install the update snapshots? If yes, this is the guide for you! I explain how to install and remove Minecraft snapshots on Windows and Mac. Linux guide will be coming soon.

Mac: To install a Snapshot on Mac, go to Library > Application Support > minecraft > bin. Change 'minecraft.jar' to any name you wish, just remember to keep the .jar extension at the end! Then, download the Snapshot, copy and paste it in to your bin. Play Minecraft and enjoy!

Windows: To install a Snapshot on Windows, click the 'Start' button (in the bottom left corner). Type in %appdata% in the search box, then hit enter. At the top, you should see .minecraft. Open that folder. Go to your bin, and change the name of minecraft to whatever you wish. Then download the snapshot, copy and paste the Snapshot jar to your bin, and your done!

To revert back to normal Minecraft (Mac, Windows): Go to your bin. Change the name of your Snapshot Jar to whatever you wish. Then change the name of your original Jar to minecraft, keeping the .jar extension. Your set!

I hope this helped solve any problems or questions you may have had. If your still having trouble, have a question, or a suggestion, leave a comment and tell me!

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