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How to make a Resouce pack 1.7.10

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Do you wanted to make a resource pack? well you came to the right place!

in this Tutorial i will be telling you how to make a resouce pack

first download the template Right Here
so now you have your template, what do you do with it?

use winrar or 7zip i recomend winrar

go inside the ZIP file and you should see something like this, if i add a |something| it should not be named as that

assets |folder|
pack.png |photo file|
pack.mcmeta |mc meta file|

go inside pack . mcmeta and open it with notepad or a program like notepad

you should see something writtin like this

"pack": {
"pack_format": 1,
"description": "Description of the Resource Pack"

change the `Discripton of the Resouce Pack` into, you know... the Descripton

so it can be like THE CANDY CRAFT or something like that Make Sure you Describe your resouce pack so if your pack was the lego craft then change the Description into something which relates to lego craft

after you have changed the discripton of the resouce pack save the file
now goto assets and then minecraft,textures, that has ALL THE TEXTURES of minecraft of course they are sorted into folders
so scatter around the folders and find what your looking for
for example i want to change the texture of the a dirt block so i go into the folder blocks and find the png file, dirt ,
when you change the textures WITH the program GIMP or PAINT.NET,save the file and when you have finished texturing the png files exit the Zip File and change the name of the zip from resouce pack template 1.7.10 into what ever your resouce pack is

After you have finished all the steps and now you want to test it go to start and type in %appdata% and click roming then .minecraft and then resoucepacks
finaly drag and drop your finnished pack into that folder
to test it goto minecraft then click on options then resoucepacks and select the new resouce pack you have made
also the descripton you have done earlier is shown underneath your title of the resource pack inb the options

if you are having problems please comment below

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