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How to make awesome server.

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Jurascuka5's Avatar Jurascuka5
Level 27 : Expert Lumberjack
Do you ever wanted to make great server but dont know how? Then this blog are for you. You need some plugins at server to. Peoples are not going to like server without any plugins!. Also you server need to have lots of slots. It needs some events to, good rules, helpful staff, antihack plugins. To make server popular, you need to put it on every minecraft server lists, ask active server players if they vote for it. Also you need donation packages!. With donations you can get lots of things for you server, like more slots, more GB and KB, hacker protection, and another cool stuff. You need cool spawn to, not just stone platform with roof. You need think of balanced economy. Also if you wanna make your server of Hardcore PVP server then you need to allow peoples grief, steal and kill. You may need Factions for it. Its not so needable, you can make it great without factions, but peoples more like factons. If you want to make Creative you need to add ranks, like builder god builder adv builder and other, it needs also
plots and good protection for griefers. If you wanna make City server you need to make plots too, add Jobs plugins, make shop or shops. Just try to make it like on real life, or city. If you wanna make server there peoples need to wait like for next round or something like that (Like call of duty server, or hunger games!) then you need to make parkour, if peoples are not bored while waiting. You need add levels or rewards for winning. Also this type server's need some custom maps too. If you wanna make Prison server you need to add ranks that peoples can buy for money. Also it need guards, and tree farms, and mines. Also put some field with PVP ON. If you wanna make a great role playing server, it needs to have towns or factions, if you want make it like adventure you need to add magic spells, guilds, and other adventure and role play plugins. Also it needs some quests bosses dungeons for more fun. NPC's that sell items give you quests. Mostly best servers is PVP Faction, and Role Play server. So if you like this blog please give to it Diamond. I think it was helpful for you!

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03/08/2013 5:20 pm
Level 21 : Expert Archer
jadedwolf424's Avatar
No offense, but you don't seem to speak very good english. I'm not saying you're uneducated or anything, just that maybe english is your main language. I'd be happy to help, and i'm only saying because of your posts and "How to make Awsome server" instead of "how to make an Awesome server. Still, your posts are pretty god. and I mean no harm . -Jade
03/09/2013 1:05 am
Level 27 : Expert Lumberjack
Jurascuka5's Avatar
Well. English isn't my motherlanguage so i am not that best on it. Btw. This is my first post i ever made. I wonder you found it XD.
12/09/2012 4:05 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Hunter
finn565's Avatar
wrong all you had to do is put a lot of cake in your server
12/09/2012 11:26 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Night_w4lker's Avatar
Nice blog why not check out my server and tell me what you think :D
07/20/2013 1:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
71Eclipse17's Avatar
Cool! Thanks your help actually make my server a pretty cool one! :D
12/09/2012 11:35 am
Level 27 : Expert Lumberjack
Jurascuka5's Avatar
Weird, it says Can't reach server.
12/09/2012 11:33 am
Level 27 : Expert Lumberjack
Jurascuka5's Avatar
I can check it out :D. Thanks you. If you like this blog please give to it diamond.
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