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How to make good skins!


How to make good skins!

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Level 27 : Expert Cake
Ever wondered how to make a quality skin? Do you attempt to make a boss skin and it's just missing something?
Well this list gives you a variety of tricks to make you're skins pleasing and impressive.

1.Refrain from using one common color on articles of clothing, and don't make the shirt and pants too different in color. (For example, having a dark red shirt and neon green pants isn't all that appealing.)

2.Attempt to not overuse bright neon colors, unless you're really aiming for this bright colors to be on you're skin, bright colors deprive other parts of you're skins features of much attention.

3. When possible, add shading to you're skin. Give light spots and dark spots. Also be sure to make you're shading is in relation to one common light source on the skin. If you have light on top of the left arm, you don't want to make the top of the right arm dark. This gives the skin a more realistic look.

4. Make you're idea original. I know this is already said in the small box when uploading a skin, but I continuously see far too similar skins being uploaded frequently, such as teen skins. Anybody can look up a teen skin whenever they want one. The more unique you're skin is, the more likely it is someone will upload you're skin rather then someone else's.

5. Whenver possible, try to make you're skin 3D, because a 3D beard would look soooo much cooler then a flat, boring beard. For hats, need I even say it? Having a hat as part of the character itself make it hard to even tell it's there. This is why you should add 3D wherever possible! Just remember to add [3D] to the title so people know. (Look up how to do 3D if you don't know how, its worth it!

-Subscribe Favorite and Diamond if this really helped you out and you would like more tutorials. Otherwise, please respond telling me you're opinion or If I left something out! Thnx!

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  • billyspark3
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • September 8, 2012, 11:19 am
thx so much for the skin u made me
  • Tevodue
  • Level 27
  • Expert Cake
  • September 8, 2012, 12:14 pm
o sure bro, any time :)
:) do u mind i edited the skin a bit
  • Tevodue
  • Level 27
  • Expert Cake
  • September 9, 2012, 7:43 am
wut? i dont mind as long as you dont make the short shorts shorter, cuz then we'd been in for quite the suprise xd
  • Tevodue
  • Level 27
  • Expert Cake
  • September 9, 2012, 7:44 am
o wait, wrong thing, i thought you mean Lt. Jim Dangle LOL, and no i dont mind, it your skin

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