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How to make/plan a PMC contest

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ShadowCypher avatar ShadowCypher
Level 46 : Master Soldier
As far as I know here are some steps to start your own Skin contest or (what ever contest you want on PMC)

just to be clear (there is No specific Level needed to make a contest)

If you want to make a skin contest
  • Step before 1st : first go to your submission>>>>then forum thread>>>add your title at the top of the thread and >>post to Category>>community skinning

  • step one (know what you are doing before starting any contest)

  • step 2(after selecting a theme, it could go like "Cypher 200th sub skin contest" for example)

    plz note that this information is going to the Top of your Forum thread title

  • step 3(add pictures or attractive art to gain more views and entries) (optional)

  • step 4 (i highly recommend you add your rules and conditions to have a proper/organized system in your contest) this might affect your contest if your not careful

  • step 5 ( Also who doesn't want a trophy at the end of a contest/competition) add a trophy (that is originally made by you or get a PNG pic on a trophy and re-write on it, but you must credit the person who made it)

  • Step 6 (add a date from the beginning of the contest to when ever you want it to stop) i would recommend depending on the contest like a skin contest "from 1-2 months" example

    you can also change the contest date whenever you want (as long as the time change is reasonable and let everyone know the changes you made in the comments below the forum thread)

  • Step 7 (continuation for step 4) don't forget to add (also follow PMC rules) like in a PMC contest your required to follow their rules well except for this one you still need to add this

  • Step 8 (Add your participants list, judges and awards listing some where in your forum thread/ contest)

    be sure that there visible and people can see them (this will also affect your contest)

  • FINAL STEP ( ok so every contest ends well with results to see who won or who was part of the competition) so like i said in step before 1st step

    make another forum thread and add a title BUT your title will have "Shadow 200th sub skin contest results" for example and then add a picture (if you want to make it look nice) (optional) and add everyone who participated
    and the top 3 at the end "thank you all for joining my contest hope to see more of you in the next one) for example

  • and thats it :p if i left out any information let me know ~ShadowCypher
    Credittutorial on how to make a skin contest

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    03/04/2021 1:52 am
    Level 13 : Journeyman Archer
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    How to give trophy to the winner?
    03/04/2021 7:48 am
    Level 46 : Master Soldier
    ShadowCypher avatar
    either Dm to them on discord or PM message them on PMC
    01/24/2021 3:44 am
    Level 44 : Master Lego Builder
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    12/12/2020 8:44 pm
    Level 45 : Master Goblin
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    12/12/2020 8:46 pm
    Level 46 : Master Soldier
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    whats with the spam code xD
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