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How to set up Permissionsex (Pex)

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Banjo565 avatar Banjo565
Level 26 : Expert Scribe
Let me start off the tutorial by saying that each space is crucial while setting up permissionsex or any other permissions plugin. Also I highly suggest downloading Notepad++. If you find this blog helpful, please give a diamond and subscribe to find more of my tutorials!

To start off with, I will make the format you will need to use. I will show how many spaces you need. And I will also tell you what each element means. Also, make sure there are NO spaces after anything, however, permission nodes are ok.
Groups Format:

groups: <----- Always start off with "groups". No spaces before.
Member: <---- This is a group, it can be whatever name you choose. Two spaces before.
default: true <---- Determines if players who join have this group. Four spaces before.
permissions: <---- permissions listed below is what this group will be able to do. Four spaces before
- essentials.balance <---- A permission node, gives this group permission to do that command. Four spaces.
- -essentials.mail <---- The "-" doesn't allow the group to perform the command, not needed in most cases. Four spaces before.
prefix: '&7[Member]&f' <---- How the group title looks in chat. Four spaces before, one space after ":".
suffix: '&f' <---- Determines how the chat color will appear. Four spaces before, one space after ":
options: <---- Allows you to add more options. Four spaces before.
rank: '10' <---- Gives this group a rank, allows you to use a ladder system. Six spaces before, one space after.
Novice: <--- Next Group, no spaces between lines. Two spaces before.
- essentials.delhome
- essentials.sethome.multiple.Novice
inheritance: <---- inherits all permissions from the group listed. Four spaces before.
- Member <---- Inherits all permissions from "Member". Four spaces before.
rank: '9' <--- The lower the rank number, the higher the rank is. Six spaces.
prefix: '&2[&aNovice&2]&f'

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09/08/2013 10:33 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Pansearstar avatar
This has no information about pex, just every other plugin!
01/13/2014 5:51 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Zombie
sa5mmm avatar
No, this is how you set up permissions with PEX. But maybe banjo565 should have went into the commands for PEX as well. Because that is a hassle free way to do permissions after you've already set them up, and then all of a sudden a player says, "I can't use the warp signs." And then you go, "You're supposed to be able to, hold on a sec." Then you type /pex group GroupName add essentials.signs.use.warp
04/02/2013 8:30 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Cowboy
DJcowchaser avatar
Thank you too.
02/22/2013 10:10 am
Level 29 : Expert Scribe
_DioM_ avatar
This was extremely helpful for me, a new server owner!
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