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How To: Stream Minecraft (or anything) on Twitch.TV With OBS [Part 2 - Twitch]

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Basic Info

Welcome to part 2 of the streaming Minecraft tutorial series. (Is series the right word?)
In this part, we will be covering Twitch's layout, settings, and other info to get your stream organized.
Everything on twitch about you is free. This means that anybody can do it.

Basic set-up - Settings

Your 'settings' panel can be accessed by clicking on your name on the homepage.

Settings Button

Once there, its all pretty self explanatory, but I'll go over it anyways.
First, we want to edit your chat. You want to decide on how you want your stream to be. Are you targeting certain age groups, should it be child friendly, will you have mods, all these come into effect. I'll be explaining a kid-friendly stream. This means swearing is to be kept at a minimum, you will want a bot for commands, and a few mods to help out.

Chat Settings

Now, you won't want spammers, so go ahead and click 'block links'. If it is enabled, Twitch will automatically remove all links posted. This way, no spammers or bad links will get through your chat for people to click on. The banned words textbox is for, well, banning words. Words that are banned with timeout the sender and will remove the message. Every word should have its own line.
If you wish to not use Twitch's banned words (by default), set Opt-out to enabled. This will make it so the only banned words are the ones you chose. You are also able to see the currently banned users from your chat.
Now just hit save :)

Basic set-up - Privacy

This is where you decide who can view your videos, how they can find them, etc.
Privacy Settings

At the top, we see that you have the ability to hide your channel from the directory. This means people can only see your video if they have a link or decide to check your page. You will probably want this disabled. The access code is for actual privacy. Only people with the access code will be able to see your video and chat, no exceptions. If you don't want to allow anyone to view previous broadcasts, click on the checkmark. I have this selected as I have a few streams with some classified information, so I don't want anyone to see it. I don't recommend blocking messages, as a lot of people may have questions or suggestions. Thats it, now check out the next section!

Mods and Bots

Mods and Bots are the two most important aspects of running a channel. A lot ofinexperiencedcasters make the mistake of not having either, and their chat turns into chaos. The best free bot is Nightbot (in my, and others, opinions). Nightbot is easy to setup, and I will go into that in tomorrows tutorial. You can find nightbot here. I recommend having mods as well as a bot, as they can see things the bot cant, such as hidden meanings. Only make trust friends mods, as they have the ability to ban, timeout, and kick. If you don't trust them, don't make them mods.

Titles and descriptions

Here I will teach you how to set your stream title, rules, about me, etc.
First, the title. Go to your page (twitch.tv/).

When here, click the 'admin' pull down.
You should see this above your stream window

The textbox is your message to twitch. It is usually what you are doing, such as '400 stream challenge!' The 'Playing <'>
Try not to make titles too long, as it can be annoying for people with small monitors.
The background image is, pretty self-explanatory, the image behind the stream. A lot of casters don't bother with it, but a great example is over on Crumps2.

Now you will want to set your descriptions. This is directly below your stream. Here is an example from EddieRuckus's channel:

His is simple, clean, and informative. Twitch makes it easy to create new 'tabs' of information. Simply go into edit mode (twitch.tv/username/edit) and scroll below the stream window.
Editing bottom

As you can see, it is quite easy to do. The panel title is what shows above the smaller text. Many casters (including eddie) use images in place of it, as that allows more customization (such as font, size, color, etc.) The description is what shows below the panel title/image. Try to make it small and informative. To add a new panel, simply click the large '+'.

Some information you may want to have: rules, contact info, mods, commands, games, upload/download, donations, and music. This is the setup most casters will have.


- Be friendly, and be sure to explain what is going on.
- Be patient, people will be coming and going
- Don't despair, don't feel bad if your getting no viewers. Just stream and have fun. Eventually they'll find you.
- Check chat, constantly be reading and responding to chat. Many people prefer streamers who are part of the community, and don't even see chat.
- Do some contests, offer some games or something. Keep the community happy.
- Keep rants at a minimum, almost nobody likes a mad/angry caster.

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Giraffestock 10/14/2013 9:27:47 pmOct 14th, 2013

Updated old Night-Bot link; I seem to have left something out. Also fixed image spacing.

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