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How to Access and Use Macbook Infested Texture Packs

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Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
I found that this was apparently a problem (especially since I have a MacBook) so here's how to fix it without getting a whole other computer

Step 1

Uncompress and Open Downloaded File.

Step 2

Read the titles of the Files INSIDE of the downloaded file. One is a Mac file, the other is the Texture Pack.

Step 3

Trash the _MACOSX file

Step 4

Take the file from Step 2 that was next to the _MACOSX file and place it in your Resource/Texture Pack folder

Optional: (Trash any folder/file you find that says _MACOSX, .mcassetsroot, or .DS_Store if you want those extra kilobytes; I did not add those files, Apple did.)

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