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HusbandryMC - A Minecraft Plugin Development Story

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avatar reecety
Level 2 : Apprentice Engineer
Hi everyone!

The past month I've been using the (very little) free time I have after work to work on something I've wanted to push to a server. It's a little plugin that takes the best features from Stardew Valley/Animal Crossing and Minecraft-ify's it.

With a little organisation via a road map, music, brain food and drink (energy dri- green tea) I've made enough lee way to show off some of the features to you all!

My end result I'm looking at is basically this: Someone joins the server and goes through a tutorial to understand the new mechanics added. They then run a command/click a sign which will generate a 100x100 plot of land. This is their farm plot. Much like Animal Crossing, it's surrounded by tall cliffs and faces the open ocean with a little beach. A basic house is there at the start, and a few seeds.

Ultimately, the player is free to modify their farm land as they see fit. But your experience doesn't just end there - you can travel to the town/hub. Meet other players, shop for new items, grab a coffee, hit the milk bar. And of course if you're no city slicker, the ability to visit and invite friend's to each other's farms will be possible!

Your farm and the town will have many things to do, some daily chores included! I want to add things like fishing, logging, cooking.

If you like Animal Crossing, or the thought of owning a nice farm, keep your eye on this one.


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