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ACT I SHORT STORY - Hymn of the Warbands and Cliques

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Well, since the King of Towers (a game by Shinezone, a "former" Chinese gaming company) stopped making further updates, I have decided to integrate part of its lore and characters (renaming happens later, of course!) from my old blog that's to be unfinished.
Will change the storyline to be compatible with the main storyline of PROJECT Ressurection, of course.
A few years after the events of Aisleen's triumph...
Inside the
Lord Jain Lantafik, the discredited lord during the power struggle.
- Hanci, it's time we shall go meet our new victor. I want to relieve our ancient lands and put it to good service.
- It shall be done, my lord. There's one problem though.
- Explain, advisor.
- How are we gonna do? There are only two of us against their large garrison.
- Which is what you'll do, servant. Go contact Sir Vance Alotte at once, and tell him to start recruiting anyone stepping into the Ye Olde Pub.
- At once.
Meanwhile in the Tavern...
Sir Vance Alotte received the order.
- Attention heroes - all heroes. Who have talents, please join the cause of the Almighty Lantafik. We will reward all participants with proper training.

- Rabin Halfeye: We have a new job to do, Korina! Let's do it!

- Korina Chantress: Oh.....But I am not going to join...

- Why not?

- I need to learn my magic for a year. Can you wait?

- Of course, however, you can join the army while learning your magic. Do you agree?

- Yes... I will go with you. It's a pleasure to joining the Kingdom army.

At the ranks of Kingdom's army, many heroes from the lands of Azylon attended into the castle grounds of King Jain Lantafik...

King Jain Lantafik: Alright, my heroes. The orcs, leading by Wolfbane, are trying to threaten our lives and our Kingdom by launching an invasion into our lands. All of you, who are here, will take responsibility of leading soldiers of the Kingdom and drive the orcs back. If you are able to defeat Wolfbane and capture him, you will be particularly rewarded with a lot of riches and privileges. Understood?

All heroes: We will follow the King! We shall not fall!

At the Canine Fortress.

Wolfbane: Now, we have enough strength to conquer Azylon for our own! We'll capture King Jain Lantafik and kill him in the process!

Orc: Why have we need to do this?

Wolfbane: Because we were once unsatisfied orcs, ruled by humans. This time, I will get revenge about this!

(All Orcs roar.)

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