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Idea :- Computer Building

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stgX_ avatar stgX_
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
PC building is an art in itself, albeit one which is really easy to grasp. What is Minecraft about? Art (i.e indirectly creativity).
A mixture of these two seems like a perfect mix. I'm not sure as to how much this idea's been thrown around till now, but this is something I have been wanting to be added in Minecraft, at least in modded if not vanilla.

How will it work?
The mod will be a semi-functional mod. So, how it will work is, that the user collects material to craft PC components which include but are not limited to the case, motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler, GPU, RAM, HDD/SDD. Once crafted, the user assembles the computer through a series of GUIs for the components' installation.

The GUIs:
The GUIs for the components' installation should be realistic. For e.g. Applying thermal compound while installing the CPU cooler or filling the reservoir when doing a water-cooled build. Even though realistic, the GUIs should use Minecraft-like 8-bit graphics.

Use of the PCs:
Once the PC is built, it may be connected to peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard and a mouse. The monitor, when connected to a working PC build, should be used to visit websites in Minecraft (something similar to that in GTA V). Maybe something like a notepad application could be implemented; maybe some sort of game. One more interesting feature to the mod (or feature :P) would be the choice of the operating system.

There should also be a marketplace where the user will buy the different components. The user will have the option to craft the component by using their own resources or buy the component using some sort of currency, probably diamonds or emeralds.
The marketplace should be available through the inventory in a separate tab and later available through the actual PC.

This might be way too ambitious and also it might not be fit for the Minecraft "extension", but this is something I would implement if I could :) I would include illustrations for the features, but I suck at that.

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08/06/2017 10:02 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
MikeTGG avatar
Despite what Infinity Wolf is saying, in my humble opinion this I should a very creative and interesting idea to add to minecraft. I'm just trying to figure out how it can benefit minecraft (no offense). But great job!
08/06/2017 12:30 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Network
Pika Punch
Pika Punch avatar
I had in mind a comment on my Mindeas post of Furniture that adding a smart TV (In your case, Computer) in a cave game. Ok and building a computer on a computer playing minecraft for the purpose of using a computer for websites. Imagine that. How useless. On minecraft console edition, you would build a computer on a console playing minecraft for the purpose of using a computer. If you were on a computer, why not just build a pc irl? If you were to add PC parts, how does that make Minecraft stand out? It makes it so that you have a useless function to make a PC out of many different technological parts, CPU, Motherboards. And to think of adding all of them and all of the different varieties, that would take up space and no one would get on minecraft to build a pc for the same function. Also you would get better computer parts to make a faster running pc or better graphics pc on a cave game. How irrelavent to the actual topic of mining and crafting and survival. I disagree to this. Oh and also if you are playing minecraft on a computer, why not just minimize minecraft and get on websites? Simplicity itself.
08/06/2017 2:03 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
stgX_ avatar
Well, browsing websites won't be the only thing that the PC would be used for. I wrote it that way only to make the blog overall smaller. I'll make the edit.

Also, about you disagreeing with it, it's your opinion and you're entitled to it :)
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