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... I'm dead.

I took a tumble into the mine and lost my gear in the dark. How cruel a fate is this? I've lived to slay the Wither and tame the nether and to confront the Enderdragon of legend... only to fall into a mine to starve to death. The only thing left to do now is pass the time and I've chosen to do so by writing down my knowlege on how to survive. No matter how far this world will take you, you should always remember the most basic survival tactics lest you be taken from it, just as I have been.

I started with nothing too. Life can be scary when you're only a man in the woods with nothing but his bare hands and you know the only thing between you and a horde of monsters is waning daylight. It sounds hard, but if you start by collecting branches and fallen logs, you can create some basic tools to survive the night-- that's the first step.

Step right up and start swinging. The trees can only withstand you for so long before they give up their precious resources. You'll need lots of wood throughout your journey, so make sure to replant the forests using the saplings that fall from their branches! You'll need more wood later.

Your first priority should be a crafting table, a valuable tool you'll carry with you for the rest of your journey. A crafting table gives you a much larger work space with which to craft larger, more complex items that you couldn't normally craft without an organized space. Place it on firm ground to get started. We wouldn't want a wobbly table.

With any extra wooden planks you might have, you'd do well to hew some sticks from them as they can be used to create your first tools to aid in your survival.


Next, you'll need some tools. Carry a sword and a pick on you at all times. Other tools, while still useful, aren't necessarily required for your survival. Carry them only when needed and you'll save valuable space for other valuables you collect on your journey. Your sword will be your guardian in the coming night and your pick will both help you gather resources and help you dig out of any caverns you might accidentally fall into.


Your first tools will be wooden, but you can replace the blades and heads in any crafting recipe with many different materials that vary in strength. Keep this in mind and you can craft picks that will mine progressively stronger materials and swords that hit harder and are more durable. Upgradge often! Remember, no matter what the head of your weapon is crafted from, you'll still need wood to make the shaft.

Now that you have some basic tools, you'll need some food. Cows, chickens, sheep, and pigs are all easy, passive sources of food and you can harvest their meat with your sword in a few swings. You'll recieve some raw meat along with a few other items from the animal, such as feathers or leather which you can use later for armor or arrow fletching.

Now that you have all this raw meat, it's time to cook. To do that, you'll need a furnace. Furnaces are made of cobble which can be mined from any piece of stone with your pickaxe. Don't go diving into a dark cave though! Look for cobble in a well-lit area near the surface and mine 8 pieces of cobble to get started on your furnace. Now would also be a good time to collect extra cobble for building some crude shelter for the coming night and new, stronger stone tools.

Approximate Completion: 50%

Author's Note:
Yeeeeaaaaah, this didn't get finished in time for the contest, but I wanted contest participation at least, so here's what I have. I plan on writing this up to building a basic home and mining deep enough to find diamonds safely, since that seems to be where we find Steve in the theme of the contest. Hope you guys like what I have so far! Good luck to everyone who entered. :)

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This is awesome for new players!
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Could have been better but it's alright i guess.
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im a pro noob (ur a pro too! LOL)
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:3 Nice
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yes this is amazing
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I need help, I don't wanna be banned again.
How do I put more than 1 piece of art in a blog?
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This tutorial is for putting different versions of a single skin into a submission description, but it'll work for any image.
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Okay, Thanks :D
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Awesome <3
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