How to install rlcraft and join woolcity for noobs

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avatar Pangamma
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I'm going to be linking to this forum post whenever people ask me how to join the modded thing.

1) Download the twitch launcher client:
2) Install it.
3) Open it...
4) Now go to the launcher options and add extra RAM.

5) Now under the MODPACKS tab... search for RLCRAFT in the top left search box.
6) Note the version 2.8.2. You want that one. That's what the server is running.

7) After starting it, go ahead and connect to the server. ( or maybe another IP if you play a different server
8) Select the RLCraft block from the server select list.
9) You're in!

Oh yeah. And once you join, here is a guide on WHAT RLCRAFT IS and HOW to not die CONSTANTLY.
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