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Interview, Navist

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Woodlyn avatar Woodlyn
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
Welcome to the Pyro technics Interview! The man who created the Nuke TNT mod!

Q: Why don't you do any other mods?
Since the TNT Mod, I've lost much of my interest in Minecraft. Without interest in Minecraft anymore I didn't want much to do with modding unless it was updating my already existing mod.

Q: What inspired you to do the TNT Mod?
Enjoying TNT and having a vision of something bigger. There are many uses of TNT but not enough. For instance, the Miner TNT is great for those who want to blow things up in a more constructive way. It started out as a simple and private project but.... decided to share it with the public :)

Q: What texture pack do you use?
A: I am currently playing the Feed the Beast modpack. It included a texture pack called Soartex Fanver. It is an HD Texture pack and I can't play without anymore.

Q: Cake or Trains?
A: Trains! Cake is a lie! Everyone knows that!
I can throw a cake against the wall. I can build me an entire rail system with a train at my dispense.

Q: Do you intend on making any new mods?
I may or may not be adding more TNTs to my already existing mod.

Q: What inspired your PMC name?
A: My name was inspired by an old gamer tag I had back when I played Counter-strike. It's been my name since I was about 14 or so.

Q: Are you a Brony?
A: No idea what that is... >.<

Q: What's your favorite skin, besides the one you use?
A: The one I use, I've used it since I first started playing Minecraft, I have no other favorite.

Q: Have you ever played the Survival Games?
A: No I have not

Notes from Navist:
Thank you for getting me where I am today! Without you guys I would not have grown to such a high rank. :)
Check out my Let's Play where my Girlfriend and I play through Feed the Beast MiiinnddCrraacckk Style.

CreditI will get a Picture Soon, don't worry guys

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02/04/2013 2:53 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Archer
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Navist is pretty damn awesome.
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