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Interview with - Ludicrous.

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avatar planetblox2000
Retired Moderator
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Hey PMC! This is my first interview!

It is with the awesome, creative and talented Ludicrous!

Me: Question one!

Do you enjoy Planet Minecraft?

Ludicrous: Well yes, very much

M: You have recently reached 123 subscribers! Did you expect to do so well when you joined PMC?

L: Actually, no. I actually thought that I would only have around a handfull of subs.

M: Who is your inspiration?

L: Well, inspiration seldom comes by, but for now, no one I guess

M: What is your next goal?

L: Well, for now, finish my texture pack, for my 200 sub special

M: Do you have any words of advice for new members?

L: Well, just stick to the rules, and never be lazy on doing your own work

M: Did you ever break the rules, abuse the mods etc?

L: Well, the worst thing I got was 2 infractions in chat for not following the advertise per 15 mins.

M: Do you have any suggestions to improve the site?

L: Well, the only thing I could think of is a groups tab in the forums, or an individual place for groups

M: Do you think you have any, well...... competition on PMC?

L: Well, not competition, but friends instead. Competition can be hard, with having to be the better guy, which is not my thing.

M: The interview is over! Thanks for cooperating so well!

L: Sure! Anytime.


If you liked!


If you loved!

And don't forget to....


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CreditLudicrous (duh), Google images for the blue background in the thumbnail, the subscribe pic, the heart, and the diamond.

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  • Ender_Eely
  • Level 37
  • Artisan Artist
  • July 6, 2013, 12:39 am
Not a bad Interview! I chat with Lud, Hes a nice guy! ^_^

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