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Interview with FeH2

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We're back with another interview! This month's interview is with build team FeH2, winners of the Journey Through Time Project Contest Team Edition! We had the pleasure of speking with one of its' members, H2CO3 who answered our questions on the team's behalf as well as gave us some personal insight on a few things! Now.... let's get started!

About Them

If you take a peek at their profile, team FeH2 has been official on PMC since March 31, 2017. The official team is primarily made up of two friends, s_pinney and H2CO3, but the account is occasionally shared with a couple of other people who contribute to builds posted under the account. Take for instance, their Journey Through Time Contest Submission "Limited Time", in which they added a third member, Whorainson.

If you're like us and thought their name was a molecular formula for something – you're right, BUT that's not the reason behind their name. Their unique name is a mash-up of s_pinney's name in real life (Felix) and H2CO3 – FeH2... which is actually a lot cooler than the chemical Iron Dihydride..which doesn't even do anything. Eh em.. anyway...

In the time that they've been on PMC, FeH2 made 15 submissions that include a tree pack consisting of over 1040 unique trees (available for download!), a picture that has emerged from its 2D form, and their most recent submission, Limited Time that landed them first place the Journey Through Time Project Contest Team Edition.

outside the frame

Limited Time - Journey Through Time Submission

A common theme throughout the contest was a journey through Earth time - from the big bang to current society. FeH2's interpretation of the theme in their winning project Limited Time was quite different from the others and naturally, wanted to know how such a unique idea came about. What inspired it?

“When we saw that project, the first thing we did not want to do is interpret it is as time trip or world history thing. Way too boring. There was a video we found over 1 year ago that was so inspiring that we felt in the need to do something similar but unique in Minecraft. So we did that. We even referred to the exact same video in a Minecraft.net article we were interviewed in back in June 2017.We really wanted to execute the concept. The Journey Through Time Contest theme perfectly suited it.“

Here's the excerpt from their interview a year ago:

“We found a stunning video that shows an alchemist machine burning the memories of its creator to convert metal into gold. The pictures, idea, and execution were so crazy cool that we are trying to create something similar in the future. “

And it just so happens that their favorite part about their build is the concept.

“It’s probably the most unique parts of the build. It was designed from the cinematic we received (thanks to the amazing Bestofthelife, RemasterX and Bramboss from the beginning of the project). The whole concept was built to tell a story in a static build. Not just having something somehow appealing to look at. And with the cinematic, they brought it to life.”

Relativity - Escher (the build that landed them an interview with Minecraft.net)


Staying motivated as an individual is one thing, but motivation collectively as a team is another. When one team member loses motivation it can have a domino effect and things can fall apart, but After interviewing FeH2 it's clear that when their team motivation isn't at its' greatest, someone is sure to pick up the “slack” and push through. This was the case when circumstances outside of the team's control occurred, and one of the members came down with a sickness. H2CO3 explains:

“I had quite some time on my own I had to stay motivated, I had several reasons to. First of all, I love challenges. If I choose to do something really hard or seemingly impossible I’ll try. If you start a project for a contest you want to win, well we’re going to give our best. No reason to stop. All of us knew, what that project meant, there were no surprises on how long it would take. Another thing that helps to stay motivated is being optimistic and seeing, what you achieved so far, not looking too much on what you still need to. That’s something you can do in the last 3 days.”

Limited Time (their Journey Through Time Contest Submission)


What becomes before the execution? It turns out, agreement between members is just as critical as how the project is built.

“We both share the opinion that doing something unique is one of the most important parts of a build. Definitely as important as the execution. And as soon as you got your idea, the only goal is to make it as cool as possible. Learning with every new project is key.”


We've heard of several obstacles teams face while building together. Time zone differences between team members, WiFi outages...all similar in the sense that these circumstances are out of one's control. The challenges faced by team FeH2's are no exception...well, besides s_pinney taking a vacation. How dare you...

"The by far biggest challenge in that project was Limited Time. s_pinney went to vacation after just one week of building and whorainson got sick at one point. Without the others, I would not have been able to finish this on my own, but there were also a lot of hours I spend lonely building on the server. In the last three days, we had before we needed to send it to the cinematographer all of us were back though and did some amazing progress. Sometimes even building until deep in the night."

Up Close and Personal With H2CO3
From this point in the interview on, H2CO3 answers our questions from a personal perspective.

"When I use a concept art, there is no more need for own sketches, however when something crosses my mind I want to build, I tend to do a sketch, in case I want to build it later in minecraft. I’m not a gifted artist, but by doing those sketches for projects, I’m slowly improving."

H2CO3 goes into further detail about the steps he takes when creating the bigger picture.

"When doing a project the first thing to do is a rough plan on what goes where. After that I usually build the central part, you want the eye to focus in the end and doing the rest afterwards. The only thing important to mention is to always take a step back and look at the perspectives at the build. Have perspectives, from where you can see it as a whole build, from where you can make the render in the end. Although it should look good from every perspective".


We addressed team challenges regarding their specific project Limited Time above. But we wanted to know what challenges, in general, one faces while working with a team.

"For me personally, getting the people I work with staying motivated. Technically, there are two challenging things at big projects in general: The first one is, that the detailing has to be consistent. Ideally you should not see that multiple people worked on it. The other thing is also about consistency but this time it’s coloring. Make sure you apply the same style to everything, do change your style in one build. It’s really bothering me when I see it in other builds, because it’s an unnecessary problem that destroys a lot of the atmosphere."

In the Minecraft world, Plutouthere has inspired H2CO3 to make a lot of trees. Take a look a look at this 164 Tree pack or this 1k Bushpack, or the tree pack mentioned in the beginning of this interview to see just how impactful Plutouthere's work has been to H2CO3!

164 Tree

FeH2 Current Projects & Future Plans

Our next question about future builds sadly did not reveal anything, but left us intrigued.

"We are working on a project right now, but we are not allowed to tell you, since we are under a NDA. It’s going to challenge us tho, will be a lot of fun a we’re going to get to do a lot of new stuff. A quite perfect project."

What advice do they have for people aspiring to be better at building?

"There are two tips we can give you: Get yourself a friend and build with him. It’s better together. The other thing is a quote I read somewhere, but I can’t remember where. It goes kinda like this:

'If you want to get better, surround yourself with people doing the same stuff as you, but are better at it. Improve. And if you are the best in your group, get yourself a better group.'”

FeH2 would like to credit the following people who assisted on theproject:
Main builders:


Peopleworking on the cinematic::

People helping us out for maybe one hour or one day at the build:

and also the amazing guys doing the renders:

Server we built on:

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Great Interview! A Fantastic Read, I really enjoyed! Thanks for the insightful Links too!
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That is so awesome, it's insane what people can create and come up with in this game! :O
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