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  • Cib Corner - Interview with Roman_95

    Cib Corner - Interview with Roman_95

    Published on Aug 10,
    Forum Moderator

    Level 27 : Expert Pixel Painter

    Welcome to
    the Cib Corner, my own personal nook in the many crannies of the
    internet. The purpose of this series is to showcase the creativity of
    the Planet Minecraft community by celebrating the members that have
    contributed to the community or have achieved feats that continue to
    amaze and inspire others. So sit back, kick your legs up and read on!


    This month, I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview none other than experienced organics builder, Roman_95.
    Known mostly for his creations of teeth and claw, Roman has posted a
    large variety of works including spaceships, artillery and a large array
    of vehicles.

    Before I begun the interview
    itself, I asked Roman to properly introduce himself and explain a bit
    about himself (and so I could take my mind off the dragon waiting
    outside the door).

    "My name is Roman. I am 23 years old. I like Dragons and heavy music. I mostly like Rock, Metal and their subgenres and sometimes Dubstep or Dark Industrial Electronic. I actually spent about a year practicing how to create music."

    Roman continues, explaining how he came to find the game and how one little discovery became a passionate hobby.

    "It all started about 4 years ago when I was introduced to Minecraft by my friend. I
    f not for him, then I would not be where I am today. I started with 2D sculptures. I built
    them block by block and the final result suited me.They were small (from
    20 to 50 blocks in height). A few weeks later, it was not enough for
    me and so I started building 3D sculptures. I did not see any guides on
    the construction of Dragons or the construction of sculptures in
    general so I was self-taught."

    I began creating 3D sculptures, the dimensions of 3D and 2D sculptures
    were the same. 50 blocks height? Not enough. Need more! But I soon
    realized that building a sculpture block by

    block with big dimensions was difficult and took a very long time to make.

    I needed help. I learned about mods such as Voxelsniper and Worldedit. I
    started using them and I started to improve. But there was a
    big problem. My PC was not powerful and the game lagged. After
    using these mods, I learned about MCEdit... And began a new
    era of construction that continues to this date. My one, not so powerful PC coped
    well with the editor, not perfect but much better than the game. Two years passed using the editor. I studied it 100%. By this time, I had bought a more powerful PC, but I still used the editor. Why? Because I'm terribly used to it. But small details sometimes have to be done in the
    game itself."

    Question Time

    On September 11 2017, Roman created his account on Planet Minecraft. His first project, The Dragon, instantly received a great response from the community.

    Q. Why did you join PMC?
    A. For a long time I created sculptures only for myself. And one day I wanted to share one sculpture. That's how I appeared on PMC.

    Q. Did you have any goals and if so, have you achieved any of them?
    A. No, I do not have specific goals. All achievements and events happen by
    themselves. For example 300 subs, interview for, this
    interview. All this motivates me very much, it reminds me
    that I am doing good things and I need to continue

    Q. What inspired you or helped you to grow?
    A. I draw inspiration mainly on the Internet. It can be randomly found
    pictures or video. But mostly pictures are a source of inspiration.
    Despite the fact that I really like Dragons, I do not use the first
    picture I get. I have a very strict choice. I can make a project on one
    picture or combine two pictures into one project. In addition to the
    Internet, I can generate something in my head. I can also find
    inspiration in real life.

    Q. Do you have any interests or hobbies aside from your building endeavors?
    A. I had one or two years of practice in making music. I have a Soundcloud page.The last song was uploaded 4 years ago. Sometimes I draw on paper.


    From my previous PMC avatar

    Q. To date, which project did you most enjoy working on/creating?
    A. There isn't one particular project. The projects I liked working on most of all were:
    "Allosaurus", "Acrocanthosaurus", "Huge fantasy Dragon", "Dragon on
    skyscraper", "The Dragoness", "Come to me into hell". For many reasons. Most

    of all I liked working on the colors of these projects, this is the
    common main reason.

    Q. Do you have any advice for members out there who may be interested in following in your footsteps?
    A. Think whether you're interested in it. If you are, build something that you
    really like, because you only get the pleasure from the construction

    that concludes the interview! After thanking Roman_95 for his time, we
    part ways and I walk away with my fingers crossed, hoping nothing will
    eat me.

    on PMC

    on Twitter

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    • billoxiiboy shared COLFETTERS's post
      August 31, 2018, 1:48 am with Public
      August 29, 2018, 10:14 am to Public
      Pump house (water source), Summer Kitchen (separate building where most cooking was done during hot weather and to reduce the risk of fire) and Root Cellar (under the Summer Kitchen where potatoes and other produce was stored)

      View original post
    • billoxiiboy shared COLFETTERS's post
      August 31, 2018, 1:47 am with Public
      Genius interiors that simply must be shared.... COLFETTERS you've done it again. Simplicity in Perfection! Damn you're Good!
      August 30, 2018, 11:44 pm to Public
      Added a carriage house with a wood-shop, a shed, and a chicken coop.
      View original post
    • billoxiiboy
      August 27, 2018, 7:15 am to Public
      My apologies for an obvious online absence of late. (This includes my lack of visits to all of my subscribers). Sometimes life gets in the way and I can't get anywhere near the "ON" button on my computer. Let alone put a block to another block and call it Minecraft. Bills to pay....mouths to feed....etc...etc.

      In part... the lack of online presence has also been due to an attempted landscape design; I am currently undertaking. It is a design that has enchanted me for years. The design is that of a bountiful and luxuriant Orchard landscape. Perhaps of the Napa Valley - California. Or Henan Province, China, even the Murray River, Australia.

      To date, I have created hand-planted aboreal representations of realistic Pine Forests and other naturalistic landscapes. All of which can be adequately generated by such software as worldmachine etc. But none have been as difficult and challenging in creating - as a "Hand Planted Orchard Landscape".

      Here are some images I've been working on...

      With in Flight to the Citadel - I have created the farm fields that feed the populous of The Citadel. Embracing the intricacies and textures of patterning, to produce a visual representation of a patchwork quilt.

      The diligent and faithful orchard attendants live in a neighbouring hanging village.

      COLFETTERS said 2018-08-29 10:09:48
      Very true. I find with my medieval builds I have to forget what a farm is "supposed to look like today. There have been HUGE evolution in crops, methods and technology over the past 1000 years obviously.

      No it's a Pennsylvania "Dutch" (German/Swiss immigrants) Farmstead could be mid 1800's to mid 1900's. A lot of those folks went without modern conveniences even up to today (Amish, Old Order Mennonites). It's not uploaded yet but there are some screenshots on my wall posts.
      billoxiiboy said 2018-08-29 05:14:51
      Thanks my fiend. Farm/Orchard landscapes are such a different approach to planting....No? Scale and perspective take on different roles. Repetition requires mathematical formulation (can be boring). Texture and visual patterning fulfill the archetypal images; preconceived ideas possibly founded in the early 1900's. Prosperity and wealth pervade our earliest memories of what a successful farm model should emulate.
      I can't wait to see your farm project. Is it part of your castle build?
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    • billoxiiboy
      August 11, 2018, 12:20 pm to Public

      Congratulations on an engaging interview Cib
      And Thanks Roman_95 for
      sharing your interesting journey.
      It was heartening to hear the way you came across
      It makes the celebration of your amazing work all the more
      "Self Taught" can be so frustratingly rewarding...No? xD
      Well Done Guys!! I'll be looking forward to reading more on Cib Corner :D
    • billoxiiboy
      August 4, 2018, 8:24 am to Public
      Sometimes....despite its occasionally compromised functionality
      (especially on a 64bit windows 10 operating system) Worldpainter can
      create such very Rewarding Scenery!


      Sometimes I simply want to share things that are just pretty.....
      Custom Dragonflier by fun-da-mental accompanied by Long Ballons by Novo_Lenio

      Raven_Baxter's Butterfly Bundle is a Spectacular Selection of Butterflies in motion. They add a beautiful and enchanting quality to a garden. The Fabulous Fungi are the creation of Aspirin60. Don't be fooled by the innocent look of the 'Shrooms...They are actually Nightclubs and Restaurants. A Massive Thank You to Aspirin60 for the use a private collection.

      Plutouthere and Eremillion's outstanding custom trees feature heavily in Flight to the Citadel. Plutouthere has just put out a new collection of Iconic Redwood Trees. I Highly recommend checking them out :D

      Enjoy Your Weekend :D
      billoxiiboy said 2018-08-04 22:55:53
      billoxiiboy said 2018-08-04 22:55:39
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    • billoxiiboy
      July 26, 2018, 12:07 pm to Public
      ErosOfficial's Snail makes another appearance in Flight to the Citadel...
      It was very a very popular Custom item in Exodus from Paradise, and I think it will be again! This time I took up the suggestion of developing a Racing Snail.

      So, I created the "Cephalo-POD Racers" ....... xD


      Watching the CephaloPod Racers are a little family of Robins. Based on the creation by Idele. This cute little guy took my eye straight away! His puffed up little chest :) He was the basis from which I created this little family. Rotated and flipped to create multiples that are all slightly different.

      A new architectural addition to the Citadel has been beautifully landscaped with fountains and hedge bordered flowerbeds.


      In case you were wondering....they are imperial Tie fighters in the background. To continue the absurdity of my builds - it's only natural that a Fleet of Tie Fighters should make a Cameo Appearance in a medieval fantasy build??? xD JohnnyCoolwater is the culprit behind these awesome looking icons. The building they are flying over reminded me of Naboo - So I had to put them in.


      More Screenshots of the world so far :D

      billoxiiboy said 2018-07-27 13:24:20
      Aspirin60 said 2018-07-27 12:16:45
      Cool!I love specially the birds spectators! You make a so good job with so much fantasy! Keep it up you have anytime my support friend!
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    • billoxiiboy
      July 22, 2018, 12:48 am to Public

      The Exodus from Paradise Saga continues, with the third collaborative installment well and truly underway. Simply called Flight to the Citadel, it picks up the story of the escapees fleeing from Paradise. As they arrive at the Ancient Citadel, will they find the shelter they seek? Have they risked everything on a land they know nothing of? Who and what will they find waiting for them in the ancient land of their forefathers?

      This build features a Pantheon of new Artists and their amazing creations. Centred around the theme of flight, this build features some of the most beautiful hot air balloons, airships and flying creatures published on PMC.
      Also features a brand new Custom Tree series by Plutouthere. As well as another Inspirational soundtrack by Aspirin60 - Dark Story II ~ no spoilers on the music just yet - you'll just have to wait for the trailer :P

      Giants abound this world with majestic stature, in amidst stunning mountainous scenery. An ancient land so old, it is now starting to sink beneath the waves. A massive sea wall surrounding the world, is the only defense for the citizens in the low lying areas.

      Come on a journey through magical forests of Fungi that doubles as a Nightclub and restaurant precinct at night. Marvel at the Hydro-engineering of the Citadel's two Gravity-defying Water Cities. Or, just take in the tranquility of the Mystical Scenery; by one of the many Lakes or waterfalls.....

      There's a whole lot more still to watch this space :D

      Here's a Subscriber's Exclusive Sneak Peak at - Flight to the Citadel

      Aspirin60 said 2018-07-27 12:50:16
      I say one more time;Fantastic world,story and builds! You can be proud of all this!
      billoxiiboy said 2018-07-24 02:24:01
      Thanks 'Fetters :D
      View more comments
    • billoxiiboy
      July 18, 2018, 10:54 am to Public
      Wow! Thanks for the Awesome Article on Island Beneath the Mist! It features on the Minecraft Culture Homepage :D

      Congratulations to all the Contributors! Your Names are all included in the article, so check it out :D
      COLFETTERS said 2018-07-22 10:57:34
      hahaha, congrats again
      billoxiiboy said 2018-07-22 00:49:20
      Thanks Man! I'm just following in your footsteps :P xD
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    • billoxiiboy
      July 1, 2018, 9:59 pm to Public
      Hey subscribers, Thank You for the awesome response to Exodus from Paradise!
      I really appreciate the support :D
      Please make sure to check out all the contributor's profiles and support them with diamonds for their efforts!

      Heads up - a new teleport Coordinate has been added to Exodus from Paradise.
      It will take you to the Mechanical Mansion. tp 111.768 52.00000 836.665
      It is very important to load Conquest Texture Pack when viewing the interior of the House! I've provided the link on the project page, which will take you to the 32xPack & Download from Monsterfish. It's an amazing pack and easy to use :D
      The interior will not make sense without it :)

      billoxiiboy said 2018-07-25 12:12:24
      Thanks! I wanted to recreate the feeling of the interior of a submarine :)
      fov360 said 2018-07-06 12:25:03
      I love how you positioned the light spots. It turns the whole scenery into a mysterious place.
    • billoxiiboy
      June 30, 2018, 11:14 am to Public
      Sneak Peak at Exodus from Paradise - out on PMC July01

      ScarletBox said 2018-07-02 03:56:48
      billoxiiboy said 2018-07-01 08:04:11
      Hey babes! Makes me happy that you like :D
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