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Is minecraft dying out?

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Is minecraft dying out?

69cheeseburger here, brining you another blog

So is minecraft dying out?
Minecraft has been around for about 5 years. Over this time, mojang have earnt a lot of fans and money but since they have been bought out byu microsoft I think the world of minecraft will change......

I think it has been dying out slowy since the release of 1.7/1.8. This is because these updates have consisted of things that we don't really need in minecraft. since Mojang was sold to Microsoft it will probably loss a lot of fans (I think) this is because it'll probably not stay on the App Store, on Sony products and Google Play store. Microsoft could make people pay for skins and texture packs, if they do add this it will steer a lot of people away from minecraft. They could also charge to put up servers or they could make minecraft Subscrition-Based whcich will again probably steer a lot of people away form the game. Another point to make is that most people I know have minecraft and no one else seems to buy it, they just use each other's accounts or they use old versions of the game. 

Over the years people have made complex redstone contraptions, cool mods and mod-packs, these have changed the idea of minecraft completly. People have also made a lot of mini-games, to play with their friends. Then people made mini-games on a massive scale. Mojang than decided to add in more objective-based things and add a lot more things that aren't minecraft-style. Microsoft have a lot of work to do, before it dies out completly. 

This is my view on this topic! If you have any doubts on thisn post or any queries feel free to post them in the comments!

I hope you enjoy this Blog! :D

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03/02/2016 3:31 am
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I really enjoyed minecraft during its beta stage for how limited everything was. It felt like a game built to stimulate the creative mind since there are very few things the player had to take concerns of.

For example, in Beta and Alpha versions of minecraft, you did not have a hunger bar. This made it relatively easy to keep track of the resources needed to survive, allowing more time to think creatively. This, and the game being slower paced(no sprint, lack of concerns in hunger, etc.), allows more time to enjoy a certain moment of the game before it passes.

Now this is what I probably dislike from the 1.9 update the most. Because gameplay mechanics are becoming more complex, it adds depth to gameplay, but now lacks the original simplicity that minecraft was once known for. The whole swinging only at certain times to do full damage doesn't make the game as appealing as it used to be. To be honest, clicking on people in a shooter game is more enjoyable at this point.
02/27/2016 6:42 pm
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RosieRiley avatar
I really hope minecraft doesn't become subscription based.....
10/27/2015 9:31 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Skinner
ismelllikemints avatar
well 1.9 pvp is a joke
09/09/2015 5:51 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
N14MK avatar
Okay guys so since march/april this year I began playing Gmod and grew tired of minecraft and started playing gmod! Gmod is still popular after 11 years! Around July time I began playing again but not as much as I use to. Its makes me sad sometimes but the thing is I can`t get bored of gmod but I`m gonna take breaks off it so I don`t get bored. I am getting into Minecraft again.
Here is the answer guys! Minecraft is not dying a lot of people wen`t to play other games after the 1.8 release because Microsoft took over but now they`ve realised that its a partnership so they came back to it. When 1.8 was released the community dipped in fans a little butthem fans came back to minecraft and started playing again. So its actually growing.
07/19/2015 4:40 pm
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oldacc92332 avatar
This isnt true minecraft is growing!
04/08/2015 4:49 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Meme
CroatiaTheMan avatar
I agree especially for the part that it's Dying out in 1.8 because it really is I don't play 1.8 at all and I have a little something to Add!
Microsoft have said they will make 1.9 the Combat/Far Future Update and they were right about that because they say it will be out in late 2015 early 2016 and it won't probably even be a big update!
So I think Mojang never should've agreed to just get money and through Minecraft in the Trash!
12/04/2014 12:55 am
Level 30 : Artisan Architect
1trey70 avatar
I agree Completely. This Blog is very accurate
01/08/2017 8:06 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
DragonBlaze__ avatar
I agree too, the biggest thing was Microsoft (a company that's "too big for their britches").
12/14/2014 1:27 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Cake
69cheeseburger avatar
Thanks :))
12/03/2014 2:27 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Pig
ChilliWiggles avatar
SO true.
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