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Jackel James (oc contest)

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avatar GoggleD0GG
Level 33 : Artisan Wolf Whisperer
so yeah.I saw this contest and was really excited for it, as I had already entered kellp's oc contest.And since I'm building a new world, I thought why not make a protagonist for it!Aesthetic board I used:
I had a lot of fun creating him, but when it came time to draw him I realized my skills are severely lacking in drawing humanoids...so I enlisted the help of my friend to draw him for me!they tumblr is @ampax-art so go check them the frickity frack out
alright now for a small scenario made sfw for his backstory (his real backstory is very...ahem pg-13 if you would and i'm not taking any chances)
  It felt like yesterday Hailey broke up with me, but in reality it had been almost four months. Four months since the court case, four months since I lost my job, four months and I still couldn't sleep. Tapping my foot impatiently in the waiting room, thinking everything I knew, I felt drowned in my own hopelessness. Anxieties filled my brain, what little was left of my heart was pumping pure pain, every beat of it thundering in my ears, making me want to disappear...
"Jackel James?" The lady called. Finally. I followed her back to the video chat room to speak with my doctor.
"So how's everything been going, Jackel? Getting enough sleep with those new meds?" The doctor's voice sounded forced.
"For the last time, call me James. And no, I have not been sleeping well."
*insert profanity and nsfw-ness* Boom, there's the backstory. I'll sum up what isn't written there for y'all.
Jackel James, or just James as he prefers to be called, was accused of hurting his ex-girlfriend, Hailey. He was forced to spend all of the inheritance he got from his father, who died in a terrorist attack, on a lawyer. With little money to his name, and no friends due to Hailey's accusations, he moved down to South Carolina. There, he met a girl named Hawk Rivers. The two quickly become friends, and start dating. One day, Hawks walks in on James taking his sleep medication, which was highly addictive and illegal without a prescription. She questions him, and he confesses that he had gotten hooked and had just run out of his prescription and couldn't get a refill for awhile. So, he had been illegally obtaining it. She encourages him to go to rehab, and, after a lot of nagging, he does. At first, he was skeptical. Could he really battle his addiction? But soon enough, he became the most positive and uplifting person in the program.
Things were going well for some time, before news of the accusations from his ex came to bite him in the rear. Hawks knew he didn't hurt her-or did he? All the friends he had made had left him, leaving him alone with his thoughts whenever Hawks wasn't around.
After some time, James begins yearning for a new start. So, he packs up his things, kisses Hawks goodbye, and travels to the newly discovered planet, Culdonn.
Details of Culdonn

i'm only gonna detail Culdonn if someone specifically asks for it since it's not really a part of his backstory but rather his present-story.
some basic info

Favorite color-Yellow
Hobbies-Listening to indie music and eating sunflower seeds

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09/08/2019 5:15 pm
Level 40 : Master Strawberry
Thanks for entering! Interesting story! I wasn't expecting the twist of him traveling to another planet haha
09/08/2019 6:27 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Wolf Whisperer

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