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Majora's Craft Resource Pack FAQs

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avatar Koa_Neuva
Level 83 : Elite Baconator
Here are some FAQs for your convenience regarding both of my Majora's Craft resource packs:

What's up with the shadow glitch?
Yes, I'm aware this is a known issue, if you read the comments before actually asking a question 1/4 of people seem to have an issue with, you would known this. I have recieved a potential fix for this, but I have not had the time (with my full time+ job, social life, and need for some relaxation time) to update this resource pack for a very long time.  I plan on adding the fix once I do.  I have been wanting to play Minecraft lately, so my desire to update is that much greater.  I'll make an official announcement once I am working on an update.  Until then, please bear with me.  My life is really chaotic right now, so your patience will not go unappreciated.

Are you going to update your resource pack?

Yes, please be patient, I'm trying to keep this resource pack as up to date as possible, but surprisingly enough I have a life outside the internet. I have a job, my own place, a vehicle, not to mention I'm also moving closer to work. Also my life is very hectic at random times, especially around the holidays.

The sounds aren't working, what's wrong?
Nothing is wrong, all the files are in the resource pack, but since the makers of minecraft constantly change everything around, and I probably haven't found out where to place them. If you know how to edit resource packs, you'll find the files inside and can move them around for your convenience. I will have an update with the sound files in their correct location, but please be patient and inform me if the locations have changed.

Can you tell me how to install this Resource pack?
PCOpen Minecraft, click on "Options," click on "Resource Packs," drag and drop Majoras Craft.zip file into folder, close folder, click on Majoras Craft icon in game, done.
MacShould be the same as PC, if not, download resource pack, in another window go to "Library>Application Support>minecraft>resourcepacks," drag and drop into "resourcepacks'" open Minecraft, click on "Resource Packs," click on Majoras Craft icon in game, done.

What's wrong with your resource pack?
Make sure you have the most current available version of Minecraft required for the resource pack. If animations aren't working or different skinned mobs are not appearing, you need to use the HD Resource Pack Fix and make sure Randomobs is enabled. Otherwise I'm not a mind reader, so send me a screenshot/video and message me all the details so I can work on fixing it. If you don't tell me, I don't know.

Why do you have other stuff in your resource pack from other Zelda games and other games that are unrelated?
There is a limit to how much stuff there is in those two games, not only does the description SAY that I take things mostly from other Zelda games to fill in the blanks that Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask just can't fill, other Zelda games sometimes can't make up that gap either, but I try and make sure the texture is something you could expect to see in a 64 game, hopefully a Zelda 64 game.

Minecraft has been updated, didn't you know?
Odds are I do by the time I'm reading your comment, whenever I get on, the Mojang site is usually the first site I look at, and I get all the update information I need between that and YouTube.

That one texture doesn't look any different?
Please consult the update log, there you will see my to-do list, with it probably listed on there if I'm going to change it.

Do you support randoMobs?
Not really, only for one skin I had to redo for proper purposes.

When will you support randoMobs or other texture based Mods?
Maybe after I'm 100% done with both of my main resource packs.  Maybe.

When will you be done with the HD pack?
Dunno, making a pack that's 64x64 from one that was originally 16x16 isn't easy, it takes time, something I haven't had a lot of these days, so progress is slow. It's honestly become somewhat of a burden to work on lately to be honest, but I'm my own biggest fan when something turns out right. It's a ways off, but I have no intention of letting this pack die, because I use it myself.

Why aren't there more Zelda sounds?
There are a hundreds of different sounds in Minecraft, and I am only one person. I expect to completely finish my HD pack before getting all that done unless I get some help. I get the occasional person, but no one who sticks around. If you're dedicated and can work for free with only the reward of compliment and success, then by all means, message me and sign up!

Can you retexure your pack for my project?
Nope, sorry. Many people use my current resource pack with no alterations for their builds, and they do just fine, and others doing the same thing as you do too. Plus, if you can pull it off so anyone with any resource pack can look at it and still be impressed, then you will be regarded even higher as a creator. However, I am open to resource pack suggestions, but that's all I can offer.

Can I retexture your resource pack for my project or PlanetMinecraft submission?
For personal use, definitely, but if you're only going to change a few things here or there, you can upload it alongside your project with credit for the resource pack stating in the description "Original resource pack Majora's Craft byKoa_Neuva, altered by me," but not as a whole other submission. If there are drastic changes you want to make to the resource pack or there are only a few textures you want to use, I do not mind as long as every image that has been altered or reused, I am given proper credit for along with the other possible creators, but I'm sure as long as you put "Textures from Majora's Craft resource pack by Koa_Neuva are used in this resource pack" somewhere in the description, I'm sure we won't have a problem at all.

Can I use screenshots or make videos using your resource pack?
You are more than welcome to as long as you put something like "Resource Pack Used is Majora's Craft by Koa_Neuva" in the description.

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What about the villager arms? Why are they so short? Is it really that big a deal to simply have their hands meet like with Shikashi? It would look much better, imo. The same goes for extending their foreheads. Just extend the hair instead.
  • Mouse1230
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • February 20, 2015, 10:52 pm
WOOT been waiting for this for a LONG time
thank you so much and im sure once everyone else sees the
upcoming update you will once again be swarmed =)
good luck and dont stress yourself

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