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Tutorial 3D Textures Resourcepack. incl. Video Tutorials

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The_Texture_Guy avatar The_Texture_Guy
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
Hello there fellow Minecrafter, developer, texture/resource-pack creator, server manager, community member and regular player! A new community member is here to share.
I believe anyone should have the right to know how to make stuff on their own if they want to find the information, and in a way that makes it easy for them to cope with the given information.

This post is dedicated to all of you, with the intention to be updated every time a new video tutorial coverage of BDcrafts Cubic PRO is uploaded on this channel:


The tutorials will be uploaded under a spoiler each per video so that you easily can get to the one you'd prefer to watch, if not watching all of them.

We will be beginning with the basics of how to model 3D resourcepack content for Minecraft. Large credit to the BDcraft community & devs for having provided this awsome software! I do truly recommend anyone who can to use it!

I do hope you will find great usage of this post as a guide for your development and practice, and as a quick guide to find what information you may be after!

(Note: You need to have a foldersystem that will become your resourcepack)

  • [Pack folder]
    • assets
      • minecraft
        • textures
          • item (image files for items - GUI visual held items & blocks)
          • block (in the world placed blocks)

        • models
          • item
          • block

        • blockstates (.json files that defines blocks bigger than a regular minecraft block as default blockversions)

The Basics Covered:
Tutorial #1 - How to create your first 3D block in BDcraft Cubic tutorial
www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwN7H9Q28og&feature=youtu.be hwN7H9Q28og ">
Tutorial #2 - Create an epic Minecraft 3D sword in BDcraft Cubic tutorial

Good luck making your own resourcepacks and textures!
CreditBDcraft - http://bdcraft.net/cubik

1 Update Logs

Update #1 || Part #2 - Next tutorial : 02/06/2016 11:26:58 amFeb 6th, 2016

In this update; the next part of the tutorial has been added.

* Manipulating positioning and rotation of items in the hand of the character, ingame gui viewport and in the gui as an item/block. Briefly cover exporting.

In the tutorial I create a 3D sword with spikes using the fundamentals of the previous tutorial (part #1) in a speeded up session where you can watch and follow along how the creation went forth.

* Also added a new spoiler in the post linking to the next tutorial.

* Updated blog image to latest tutorial thumbnail.

Best wishes / The_Texture_Guy

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