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Me finishing Magic and Mayhem on Cube Craft

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Smarthck_YT avatar Smarthck_YT
Level 27 : Expert Creeper Hugger
Lol. If i play Cube Craft u know about Magic and Mayhem. You should. Well Game IS super cool. But idk What to do After finishing IT. Well i had multiple problems fighting. Yeah i know IT should we been easy, but it wasnt. If u are one of na subscribers,likers,diamond givers,and viewers you should know my newest map. Well map is even harder. Its pretty hard to do it. If u want ask me any questions or ideas. Im planning on a WW2 map. Yes i know, im insane. But just imagine: planes, croasbows as guns, machines as tanks and all That. What do you think tell me by message or in comments. If u dont know which server IS best for you i know one of my friend. Chill Craft. You probably know it, but server is awesome! Thanks for reading! Have a Nice day!

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