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METRO 2025 server! coming soon...

SERVER coming soon...

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avatar caim98
Level 47 : Master Herobrine
It will be a server with roleplay (and white list!)
Server should soon ???
I'll be there different factions. Anyone will be some fraction of which are listed below.
You can choose in what station you want to live. Anyone will be of some stations listed below.
Please write to your story to your character. thanks


RP Age
Rp Name:
Rp father's Name:
Rp Mother's Name:
Rp Brother's Name: (optional)
Rp Sister's Name: (optional)


(no station.
tents in the tunnels, thieves steal from the station and can they spend the night in stations,)
Rangers and stalkers
Red line(hostile to some fraction
for example, a revolutionaries, Sevastopol defense ..
citizens of VUNH pay money for a trip through the their station!)

Revolutionaries(hate the red line
home for stalkers)

Hanza(merchants. paid for a trip through the Their station.
Neutral to all factions)

Sevastopol defense(desperate ...
poverty in the stations ...
home for rangers and stalkers)

Polis(in this fraction can my friends and admins

VUNH(merchants, neutral, great soldiers
home for rangers)

Invisible watchers(?????)

Sevastopolskaya, Kachovskaya, Varsavskaya, Kasirskaya, Avtozavodskaya, Paveleckaya, Borovickaya(for admins.), Lubianka, VDNH
Kantemirovskaya, Kolomenskaya, Metropolskaya, D-6, Botanical garden.



1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 08/01/2012 2:08:54 pmAug 1st, 2012

New factions, stations,

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  • Kettle
  • Level 17
  • Journeyman Archer
  • August 4, 2013, 5:25 am
I'm working on a Metro server so if you want to know more pm me and i shall give you details
This server is fake it has never been up the creator either abandoned it or doesn't care for minecrafters
  • Lucas_GG
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • December 11, 2012, 5:21 am
RP Age:27
Rp Name:Dimitrij
Rp father's Name:jim
Rp Mother's Name:clara
Rp Brother's Name: cody
Rp Sister's Name: (optional)
Story[/size]: my parents die because they were ill. My brother and I now live with my uncle. J want now that the people get a bether future.
  • Antiqus3
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • December 9, 2012, 8:09 am
RP Age:26
Rp Name:Nikolai
Rp father's Name:Devid
Rp Mother's Name::kira
Rp Brother's Name: Stephan
Rp Sister's Name: (optional)
Story[/size]: born in 1999,
my parents died ealry when i was just 12.
Ilived with my grandpa until the day X.
Then he died and i wanted to bring the live back in the wolrd
and started to get a stalker.
  • Antiqus3
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • December 9, 2012, 8:09 am
Minecraft Antiqus1
Planet minecraft Antiqus3
and plase excuse it if my english is not the best
I'm german but of course I can talk also english
  • etm853
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • October 18, 2012, 6:18 pm
RP Age:25
Rp Name:miller petrovich
Rp father's Name:ulman petrovich
Rp Mother's Name:maria petrovich
Story[/size]: born in the year 2000 miller had a wealthy live being an only child of a military family at the age of 6 my father started to train him to be a expert strategist an expert marksman by the age of twelve mere days before the bombs fell I completed my training. and on the day the bombs fell on a visit to his fathers work place at VDNH station they talk until they hear the reports of a nuclear launch he orders his men to get as many people as they can inside then realizing that his wife is on the other side of the city he calls her to warn her but still to this day my father searches for her feeling out of place on my twentieth birthday I join the rangers
[size=12px]Name: Ezra
[/size][size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]RP Age: 21[/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Rp Name:Kirill Malakov [/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Rp father's Name:Grigori Malakov [/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Rp Mother's Name:Sasha Malakov [/color][/size]
Back story[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]: [/color][/size][size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)] ---PART 1--- [/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Kirill was just a young baby when the nukes were about to hit, as soon as everyone heard the news broadcasts they went insane, running around screaming going to the metro stations as quickly as they could. Sacha with Kirill in her arms, rushed to the nearest station, but then she realises 'where is Grigori?' but as she finishes a huge mob of civilians comes pouring through the station entrance and down the escalators.Some soldiers then come into action firing there kalashes into the air trying to control the oncoming crowd but instead make the moment even more frantic. As the mob pushes past Sasha she tumbles and gets stampeded. Only caring for their safety the rest of the crowd runs on, the soldiers can finally close the heavy duty doors.But once closed they see an injured bleeding women and check to see if the women is still alive unfortunately she isn't but when they move the body they find an unscathered baby. One of the guards took the baby into the deep metro station known as Sevastopolskaya....[/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)] ---PART 2---[/color][/size]

[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Kirill continued to grow up in [/color][/size][size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Sevastopolskaya[/color][/size][size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)] with his adopted family. He would just play around with toys salvaged from the surface by stalkers when bandits started raiding the place saying they wanted all of the salvaged goods.[/color][/size]

[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]A few years later in [/color][/size][size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Sevastopolskaya[/color][/size][size=10pt][size=12px] the bandits raided very often, and Kirill was at home with his adopted parents who were both shot in front of him. Just as they were about to shoot him some rangers barged in killing the bandits.[/size][/size]

[size=10pt][size=12px]To avenge his adopted parents deaths he pledged to kill bandits and stop their terrorizing by joining the rangers. They accepted him after a few tasks were complete and they noticed he had superb marksman skills.[/size][/size]

[size=12px]IGN: Ezybez[/size]
  • BokBen
  • Level 6
  • Apprentice Miner
  • September 14, 2012, 11:26 am
RP Age: 22
Rp Name: Nickolia Procov
Rp father's Name: Unknow
Rp Mother's Name:Benjamin Procov
[size=12px][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Rp Brother's Name: (optional)[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Rp Sister's Name: (optional)[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
Story[/size]: Nickolia has lived in Sevastopol for many years and ever since he was a little boy he wanted tot join the Revolutionaries and fight the Red line. He is smart and can read also he is good at making battle plans and traps for around their base. He also wants to maybe become a commander in the Revolutionaries.
Age: 15
Name: Ethan
Rp age: 31
Rp name: Mikhail Zukov
Rp fathers name: Kostya Zukov
Rp mothers name: Galina Zukov
Faction: Sevastopol defense
Station: Sevastopolskaya
Story: Mikhail has known how to handle himself since he was 18. Sevastopolskaya life quickly toughened him up. His father always pushed him to his limits and trained him every day in survival. Since Galina Zukov, Mikhail's mother, died, Mikhail was the last thing his father cared about most. When Mikhail turned 18, he joined the Sevastopol defense to help defend his home station. He would often sign up to guard caravans bound for the Hanza and would guard the station against attacks. After 13 years of serving the defense, Mikhail is now an experienced, high-ranked sevastopol guard. He also knows a decent bit about the surface and can get around rather well around the metro.
IGN: CaptainNips
  • Spartan13FR
  • Level 23
  • Expert Lumberjack
  • August 1, 2012, 10:57 am
  • [size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Age: 15[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • [size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Name: Mathie[/bgcolor][/color][/size][size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]u[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • [size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]RP Age: 19[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • [size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Rp Name: Alexey Korovitch[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • [size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Rp father's Name: Nikoley Korovitch (security member , killed by Nosalis)[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • [size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Rp Mother's Name: Maria Korovitch (died by virus contracted in the Metro)[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • [size=12px][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Rp Sister's Name: Hanna (died at the surface)[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • [size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Faction: Rangers[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • [size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Station:Kachovskaya[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • [size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)]Story[/color][/size][size=10pt]: I has 6 years old when the missiles destroy Moscow and the people goes in the Metro , my father die when i has 15 years in a Nosalis attack and my mother have contracted a virus and die when i go in the Rangers , my father have educated me to fight the mutants and the bandits and i have a little formation in mecanical , i travel between the stations and kill some Homo Novus when i have the time
  • [/size]
  • [size=large][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]IGN: Spartan1359[/bgcolor][/color][/size]
  • blackmanta
  • Level 25
  • Expert Architect
  • August 10, 2012, 5:36 am
killing homo novus isn't that easy- they get in your head maan, they get in your head!
  • blackmanta
  • Level 25
  • Expert Architect
  • July 30, 2012, 10:50 pm
RP Age:20
Rp Name: Makevhoi Korska
Rp father's Name: Martyn korska
Rp Mother's Name: Janine korska
[size=10pt]Station:VDNH (VDNKh, Exhibition, Prowess of our great economy)
Story[/size]: Was very young when the missiles hit Moscow. family fled underground.grew up with family. fought agains dark ones twice. wants to go to Polis and/or become a soldier.

  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • July 31, 2012, 2:19 am
OK! it is better.
  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • July 31, 2012, 12:05 am
invalid RP name, story, the mother's story,
You can not be Artyom!
So please change this.
  • blackmanta
  • Level 25
  • Expert Architect
  • July 31, 2012, 2:12 am
awww ;P
ok its changeed, sorry but i HAD to try! :P
  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • August 8, 2012, 9:10 am
I was thinking.
You know what? You can be Artyom.
But ... you will not have the advantages over others.
For example: you will not pay and others
  • blackmanta
  • Level 25
  • Expert Architect
  • August 10, 2012, 5:34 am
never expected to :) dont worry, i dont mind either way, but being Artyom WOULD be pretty awesome :1
when is the server expected up?
  • TeamCactus
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Toast
  • July 23, 2012, 10:39 am
Age: 14
Name: Jim
RP Age 22
Rp Name: Efim Feodor
Rp father's Name: Boris Feodor
Rp Mother's Name: Elena Feodor
Rp Brother's Name: Yuri Feodor
Faction: invisible watcher
[size=10pt]Station: d-6
Story[/size]: When I Was Alarmed The Nukes Were Coming My Family Was Racing To The Metro As Quick As Possible My Family Was Lucky No One Got Hurt When Everyone Fought To Get into The Stations. Once I Had My Room And Finally Got Settled The Station Alarm Rang And The Mutants Came Everyone Was Mostly Dead I Had To find My Way To A New Station And Start a New Life...
IGN: Jimeatworld
  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • August 7, 2012, 5:22 am
  • TeamCactus
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Toast
  • August 9, 2012, 12:46 pm
hopefully my computer will work be4 the server is up
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • July 21, 2012, 6:26 am
Age: 15

RP Age:19

Name: Isaac

Rp Father Name: Nick Lamovo

Rp Mother's Name: (Died at labor)

Faction: Hanza / ranger

Station: VDNH

BACKSTORY: When the sirens went off, it was like a blur, men and women ran towards the substation. I found my father but he was shot by some people that where pushing, he told me of where my uncle works in the substation I got to the subway door and when the bomb hit, my uncle grabbed me at pulled me inside. I woke up cover with cuts, I though i would die but they found a dead doctor with medical supplies that was needed. My uncle taught me as a apprentice in blacksmithing and mining.

Three years later my uncle dies of radiation poisining and people though I was surely going to die from it too but one thing breaks that curse, I was saved by my uncle and I love what I do, protect the ones who are incapable, sick, or injured. Now I built my way of living and I can't wait for my death to indure me, I need to make that time seem of the worlds have given me the chance to live one more life.

IGN: funybomb

I would love to help make this server as rp as possible and I have no intensions of griefing. But Im a exellent builder and hard-headed so dont expect me raging and leaving.
  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • July 19, 2012, 12:07 pm
Age: 14
RP Age: 24
Name: Lukas
Rp Name: Akim Nabokov
Rp Father's Name: (died on the surface)
Rp Mother's Name: (left us when I was 6 years)
Rp Brother's Name: (killed in tunnel)
Rp Sister's Name: Ellina Nabokov (somewhere in the Moscow metro)
Faction: Red line
Station: Kasirskaya
Kasirskaya Back story: I was a kid. I was excited when they sent me on my first expedition. I went with my brother .. his name was Pavel. As the older brother I had responsibility for him. When we went to the caravan to the station sepurchovskaya then it happened. The tunnels between the station and Nagornaya Nagatinskaya bandits attacked us. Everyone died... I am pretended I dead.
Then I went to the station Dobriniskaya ... let me stay there. I found a job as a weapons repairman. My brother dreamed of finding its way to the surface .. A dream I wanted to meet. That was 6 years ago.
(som slovak aby ste vedeli ^^)
  • lampsy800
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Miner
  • July 18, 2012, 1:09 pm
  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • July 18, 2012, 10:45 pm
it's not the same.
those photos are just similar.
  • lampsy800
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Miner
  • July 19, 2012, 1:57 am
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]RP Age 24[/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Rp Name: Vikrov Kuras[/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Rp father's Name:Martin Kuras [/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Rp Mother's Name: Iza [/color][/size][size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Kuras [/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]Faction: rangers/stalkers (but not really part of the faction but its the closest)[/color][/size]
[size=10pt][color=rgb(34,34,34)][bgcolor=rgb(204,204,204)]Back story[/bgcolor][/color][/size][size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]:family killed when the bomb hit as a child and i have been brought up by my uncle who died in the tunnels a few years back.when i first came to the metro i was stealing and scavenging of people, but Karol (uncle) soon let me work with him as low paid bounty hunters killing nazies and others as long as there was coin. most of the jobs where just disputes between rich men. we would go overground sometimes and were often on the move to where we could get jobs. a year back we went over ground and were ambushed by nazies that killed karol. and now im trying to find a partner to do jobs with (kinda to replace what karol was).[/color][/size]

[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]IGN: lampsy800[/color][/size]
[size=12px][color=rgb(37,37,37)]i would realy like to help you build the server.check my project to see if you like my style.[/color][/size]
  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • July 19, 2012, 12:13 pm
and nice project.
  • lampsy800
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Miner
  • July 19, 2012, 12:16 pm
is the sever on now? because i would find more use building on a sever then on sp.
  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • July 20, 2012, 6:58 am
this server is offline.
You must wait like everyone else.
You see is this also just a blog.
  • ItzDizzY
  • Level 24
  • Expert Pirate
  • July 17, 2012, 5:46 am
Should post this on the forums if u want more people to apply and join.
  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • July 16, 2012, 8:18 am
I'm glad you like it.
forewarn that you can not all be from the station VUNH, because there are a limited number. (There are also other stations)
Thanks for understanding!
  • ItzDizzY
  • Level 24
  • Expert Pirate
  • July 16, 2012, 7:36 am
Name: Daryll
RP Age: 28
Rp Name: Veteran Ranger Perez
Rp father's Name: Unknown (
Grew up alone until a group of Ranger's stumbled across me )
Rp Mother's Name: Unknown (Grew up alone until a group of Ranger's stumbled across me)
Faction: VUNH
[size=10pt]Station: VDNH
Story[/size]: Grew up alone in Paveckaya, with no father nor mother, he was alone. Until he was old enough, he left Paveckaya and made way to VDNH. As he was walking through the dark metro tunnels he stumbled across a group of Mutants wanted to kill him but suddenly a group of Rangers saved him and took him to one of their home base's VDNH which he was trained into becoming a Ranger and looking after himself.
  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • July 16, 2012, 8:22 am
server is not finished.
So is not on.
Hello i would like to join your Metro server. I am a fan of the Metro series so here is my application of your server.


Real life name:Hunter Yetman

In game name: Metro_Hunter

RP name:Hunter langice

RP fathers name:Nikolai Langice

RP mothers name:Sharon Langice



Story: Hunter Langice and his family are not doing to well in the world of Metro. So he decides to become a traveling trader hoping to make a name for himself and his family. He knows his way around the dark abandoned Metro tunnels and the ruins of Moscow. He can handle a gun and this is how he survives in Metro.

  • caim98
  • Level 47
  • Master Herobrine
  • July 16, 2012, 8:22 am
server is not finished.
So is not on.
Um cani change from Ranger to Stalker

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