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Minecraft 1.4.2 Seeds!!!

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Masterkai1's Avatar Masterkai1
Level 14 : Journeyman Narwhal
I have found some amazing Minecraft seeds that are pretty cool.
The #1 seed is a seed with a big crater and a huge desert village.
In that village there is a Blacksmith, 2 Libraries, and 5 farms with carrots and potatoes!
To get to the village... FIRST you spawn in a Taiga biome then work your way to a Mountain biome.
then walk straight then walk right and get to a desert biome then the village.
to get to the crater go to the mountain biome then you'll see a big flat wall. Above that is the crater
and it is great for cliff jumping.

The seed is DESTROY as it's spelled.

The SECOND seed is also a really odd thing.
You spawn in a forest biome then you will see an desert biome.Keep going straight then you will see a
desert temple top. But if you don't see it, it's actually UNDERGROUND!!!!!!! In this weird underground desert temple
there is alot of gold ingots some bones. But the best thing is A DIAMOND!!! This epic seed will start you off well!

The seed is FRIDAY THE 13 as it's spelled. I know its weird but just use it, it was randomly thought up by my brother.

CreditMasterkai1 and Cooldude1259

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