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Minecraft for beginners part 1: Pickaxe,Axe,and Sword

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Level 18 : Journeyman Crafter
Hello everyone,today I will tell you how to survive your first night,yes your first night. Minecraft has day and night
like the real world although each day and night is 10 min. Now we will talk about crafting,crafting is making
items in Minecraft. You will need a crafting table,go to a tree and get a few blocks of wood. Next open up your
inventory using E and place the wood blocks in the four squares in the top right hand corner. Another item will
appear and they are called Wood planks. Take the wood planks and put four in the four squares filling it up.

Then you should see another item that's called a crafting table. Take that out and place it on the ground by right
clicking. Right click on the crafting table and 9 boxes will appear. Take your wood planks and put them inside
the crafting table.You should see some brown sticks come up in the box in the left,take that out a place it into
your inventory. Now take 2 sticks and place them straight up in the middle column,no more than 2.

Now take 3 Wood Planks and put them horizontally on the very top row. Something looking like a pickaxe should
come out. Take that a place it into you inventory. Now you have a pickaxe!

Axe: Take two sticks and place it straight up in the middle column and take 3 wood planks.
Put two on the top row,very left side and place one on the left side of the 2nd stick.
Now you have an axe!
Sword: Take one stick and place it in the very bottom square in middle in the bottom row.
Take 2 wood planks and put them vertically up where you put the stick.
Now you have a Sword!

Uses of the tools:

Pickaxe: Used for Mining
Axe: Used for getting wood
Sword: Used for killing mobs

If this helped you can leave a comment or sub. :D

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