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Minecraft Formatting Codes

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curioused's Avatar curioused
Level 31 : Artisan Prince
Hey guys! Are you familiar with formatting codes in Minecraft or on servers? If you don't you should review this tutorial, as it will help you color out your text.

BUKKIT SERVERS___________________________________________________________________
&1 is blue.

&2 is is Dark Green.

&3 is sort of aqua-blue.

&4 is dark red.

&5 is dark purple.

&6 is very dark orange.

&7 is grey.

&8 is dark grey.

&9 is light blue.

&a is light green.

&b is even lighter blue.

&c is light red.

&e is yellow.

&f is white (No one can see highlighted white)

&l is bold
&k is "Magical".
&n is underlined.
&r is to reset
&m is a strike
&o is italic.

VANILLA MINECRAFT__________________

Vanilla requires a section sign ( A § sign)
To do the section sign, on a windows it i Alt+21 (21 must be typed at the same time).

Vanilla is same as above, except replace all & signs with the section sign, §.
NOTE- You would have to search up how to make a section sign for the mac,as i do not use the Mac.

NBTedit also has its own formatting system for renaming items and such. Instead it uses a "?" sign. It is exactly the same as bukkit, but replace all & or § with "?".

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Now you may(or not) know how to use formatting codes in Minecraft.

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05/22/2016 3:01 am
Level 42 : Master Enderdragon
Injata's Avatar
isnt there one for new line?