Minecraft House Design Tutorial --[CONTEST]--


Photo is of the classic.

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Do you want a house? Do you want it to look good? well during the course of this tutorial i will teach you how to make multiple houses, including the economic 'Classic', the stylish 'Manor', and the colossal 'Mage Tower'
You ready? Then lets get started.
The Classic is a design made for people who want a good looking house, but don't want to break the bank doing so. Sound good? I assure you, it is.
Build a hollow 'L' Shape out of stone/cobblestone [Size is your choice] leaving holes and outlying areas for porches, doors, and french windows.
Add a floor made of a material of your choice, and logs and the outer corners [NOT the inner corners]
Fill in the windows and walls with wood and glass panes, and add a door.
Add the roof, using steps and half blocks made out of either cobble or wood. Add a garden fence around the french windows.add a supported overhang to the front porch.
And the rest is up to you. Add sofa's and deck chairs, Fishtanks and chairs, whatever floats your boat. Here's what i did, to give you an Idea:
COMING SOON... The Contemporary - A luxurious, modern house filled with the latest Minecraft technology.

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Hey nice design :) Could you tell me what texture pack you are using?
Dokucraft light, i think.

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