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Minecraft is dying.

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Jedi's Avatar Jedi
Level 29 : Expert Artist
Minecraft.. Is dying.

The playerbase is getting bored, and we aren't getting enough new players to replenish the players we loose to boredom. I personally don't play, except for a little bit when a new update comes out. Why?

When I say a game is dying that means its playerbase is shrinking, never to be larger then its former self.

The first reason that causes dying is abandonment, a newer better game comes out and you don't care anymore.

Another reason is poor monitization.. That's not the case obviously.

Another reason is a change that ruins the reason players play.. Not the case.. Still.

Yet another reason is the developers not listening to the community, not giving them what they want so they slowly loose faith and go away.

Minecraft isn't dying quickly. its dying slowly but surely, and if Mojang doesn't pick up the pace, they may die to another game.

Its only clickbait if you click it.
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02/09/2016 10:27 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Network
inactiveguy's Avatar
Until I found out about servers, I had gotten bored of single player and didn't play much. Now I do it all the time =D
12/20/2015 4:55 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Warrior
KaiThorpe's Avatar
I was one of them, but in the end you always end up comming back, you just need motivation from friends or subscribers or people you subscribe to, you need someone to show cool things you can do in it, that will make you want to do them yourself.

I joined through watching a survival island back in alpha or something, thats how I ended up starting to play minecraft :)
09/20/2015 11:19 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Network
I've been feeling the same way. I just haven't been getting the same satasfaction out of the game. It used to be great, a blank slate to fill, but now in comes the eraser. I don't want to quit, but I haven't played in a month.
07/30/2015 7:20 am
Level 37 : Artisan Scribe
LetsGoTrippin's Avatar
Don't you know that every day, hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of copies are purchased by people around the world? And the players who leave are replaced by those people who just recently bought the game? And the harm that has been done is the rude, arrogant and self-centered community of hormornal teens who want to slaughter each other in PvP rather than actually create.
11/06/2015 11:49 am
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
NitroStarman's Avatar
It is those damn mini-game craving players!
This was literally what a new player on a survival server said:
"Where are the mini-games?"
They want PvP and mini-games. These new players do not understand what Minecraft is.
It is a game that is supposed to bring us together and do things and create things together.
07/26/2015 12:31 pm
Level 27 : Expert Blockhead
monkeykyle30918's Avatar
Hmm.. I don't think minecraft is dying, or growing. But before you say, "LOOKS AT THE STATS AND PLAYERBASE AND CHARTS AND THE EVIDENCE!", This is my opinion, I know that the playerbase is growing slowly. It's just not growing as much as it did 2 years ago. The phrase "So far (insert number here) has bought the PC/MAC Version of the game. Phew." is just an approxamite number. If you open two minecraft website pages, they are both different numbers. Close to each other, but not the same. I think Minecraft is just there. Stuck in a cryochamber. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting for its next update.
07/17/2015 11:10 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Grump
SpringyDoobyDoo's Avatar
Ugh, I can't escape from these, can I? I'm just gonna say it, it's aging and stabilizing. Not dying. It's gradually growing, with new players by the minute. And Mojang IS listening to the community, that's what 1.8 and the coming 1.9 are BUILT ON for Pete's sake! Just because some players are getting bored doesn't mean "OH NOES ITS DED NAO". That is just stupid. Is Pong dead? No. It's not. Is Pac Man dead? No. It's not. Is Mario dead? No. It's not. Is Legend of Zelda dead? No. It's not. All of these are older games that are still played and loved by many people, and Minecraft is going to become a classic, just like the previously mentioned games. Minecraft has only been around for 6 years, it won't die for a long time.
07/17/2015 5:20 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
Ringoster's Avatar
Sounds like maybe you're the one getting 'bored'.
07/18/2015 3:41 pm
Level 29 : Expert Artist
Jedi's Avatar
Actually starting from the week before I made this blog post until now I've been playing alot more.
The Inquisitor
07/17/2015 1:10 pm
Level 46 : Master Droid
The Inquisitor's Avatar
Well. It's becouse Minecraft is very old game, it also popular as build game or as Gmod.
Minecraft : 1/ Gmod: 0
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