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Minecraft is satanic?

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avatar mojo4567
Level 20 : Expert Explorer
Okay so you can tell me what you think about this but this is one of the weirdest articles I have ever read. Go to http://www.landoverbaptist.net/showthread.php?t=51266 to read the article if you want, Its actually very entertaining and funny, but to sum it up this crazy religious guy is warning people that minecraft is of the devil! He trys convincing parents that creepy 40 year old's setup servers and that little kids go on and build structures and unless they do his perverted things he destroys there creations. Now he goes on to say that this is called "griefing" which ,unless the meaning changed overnight, according to wikipedia means "A griefer is a player who does things in a game to deliberately cause annoyance for the griefer's own enjoyment." not "A person who likes doing pervy stuff to little children". So his next point is that the well known block shape of the world is teaching kids that its normal to have block shapes, and is promoting genetic engineering which is also of the devil. Hmmm I dont know about you guys but do we really WANT a world with no hills and cows that look like a lego mess and water that can multiply? Oh of course what fun that will be :P. Oh and did i forget to mention? Apparently all of us are secretly worshiping the devil, who knew! So overall i think that this is unbelivable. Either he just hates minecraft, or is the most religious person in the US of A. So Planet minecrafter's- Do you think minecraft is of the devil?

11/24/2017 3:39 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Yes he is, Nether=Minecraft
I haved nightmares with Minecraft!!!!
Ghast is a satan voice! (Scared much)
The world don't stop playing Minecraft cuz Iluminatti wonder childrens!
No one starts play can stop!
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