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avatar matthew_daniel
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I know that most people that play minecraft probably also play world of warcraft or other mmorpgs but it would be so epic if minecraft was a mmorpg i mean it is already mmo it just needs some missions and stuff it cant be that RIGHT. Or there could be a server plugin or a mod or a complete new game. If anyone has the time to make a new game then MAKE A MMORPG MINECRAFT. I am busy on making a modpack with the mods in this screenshot including battlegear 2, better archery, and the right one is just a resource pack. Image

If you guys would like to suggest anything for this modpack please leave it in the comments below. Also to the person that has the time to make A MMORPG MINECRAFT then check out dingousa's blog about combat improvements it would be cool if you added that to the game.

Thanks for watching this i hope that in the future there will be a game like this!
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