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Minecraft Novel: Story of Villagers [Before Everything]

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luongdinhtu avatar luongdinhtu
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Hi guys, I just want to make a story about one of my theory :D Keep in mind most of the things in here is not true in MC and hope you enjoy, give me your opinion as well :)


"Vill, wake up, it's yo time to work now", says Han half tired and rushing.

I moan, wishing for more sleep, "Already? Feel like I only slept for awhile, give me ten minutes or so please". Suddenly, Han pull me up and slap my cheek, "Remember, you have to obey the rules or else, they will send you back to the Overworld".

Oh, of course, since we villagers volunteer going to the End and help our friends, Endermen, we have to build tall structures in turns to keep up with the schedule. Without whimpering, I get up and put on my worker suit. My goodness...The suprise got me all when I looked at the buildings... They have built so fast, no wonder why Han was that tired...which is only worse for me. The taller the structure is, the more tire you will get by climbing up ladders.

"Will work for 5 hours and I can go back to sleep again", I whisper and start going up ladders. The buildings are yellowish and purple, suit with the place and far away there are some Endermen building with Villagers.

I was working when one teleported next to me...

"Hey, tired?". He shakes his head, "ughruuru".

It's fun to have friends that can't even speak to you, instead they make nonsense sounds. Although our ancestors have taught them how to speak, it ended up they reverse the words or pronouce them utterly deep. "Oh well, keep working hard!" I give him a smile and he teleports somewhere else. Wish I had that ability... Meanwhile, I talked to some other Villagers to cheer my mood up, it works a bit then I keep building.

Since we have worked for months, it is planned to be completed in today, and my turn is the turn to finish the structures.. Next couple hours were tired, the process of bringing up the blocks, placing them down, going back, getting some more keeps repeating over til I finished the roof.

"Finally, took sooooo long to finish these structures" I sigh and look to the other buildings, they have finishe before me, groups of villagers with Endermen are cheering over the roofs. I was repairing to go down when Endermen appear around me and throw me into the air, catching me then throw up again, they're so happy to see their world being like this... You don't want to imagine how empty the land were a year ago, except for the Chorus plants.

"Eyy, we did it! Han, come out here!!" I shouts loudly. In less than a minute, all Villagers, including Han, ran out and are astonished to see ưhat's occuring, at that moment the cheering was so loud I find it deafing, but also satisfying.

Later that night, or morning, ...You couldn't tell exactly what time is it in the End, we have a party, Endermen and Villagers are all gathered together, chatting, eating. It was perfect when Dane, a villagers suggests an idea.

"Should we bring players to the cities? I mean, to occupy the buildings, they are harmless anyway." Should we? I think.. The Villagers seems to be agreed, the Endermen are still conerning.

"Yeah, they look kind and hard-working, could use to build more strucures", Han declares; people discussion comes next. "How about a vote?" I asks... Eventually, they start to vote. "Who's agreeing?" asks Dane, most of the Villagers and Endermen raise their hand. "Alright, it has been decided. The Endermen will bring them in here tomorrow!". Bringing people to the End is not your job unless you have teleportation.

After the dinner, we go to sleep, while concealing my place, Han lays down next to me, "Soo, do you think it's a good idea? Having players running around here?".

I hesitate, "No idea, you?".

"Mehh, we'll see".

The next day was unusual, instead of being woken up by Han, the rumbling noises got me. They're from the new-coming players, amazed by the surrounding of the End. "Look who came.". No answers, which I wouldn't complain since the majority of us has been disturbed while having a nice sleep.

An Enderman come to us, "Ugruuruu, ughhrrr, rr", pointing at the players and seems to be laughing. I imagine he's saying: "Look how excited they are! We should take care of them nicely.".

"Ya, bet they haven't seen anything better than the grasses and animals...", I reply. Everyone laugh.

Night has came, we're feeding the comers with Chorus fruit and stews, that's nice enough. "How do you think about this place, new-comers?", someone I don't know say. A player, looks like a leader because the others call him "boss" answers.

"One word: A-ma-zing! Are there any decent stuffs here?".

I'm curious why he asked that, but Han replies: "You won't believe me, the stuffs in here are beyond your imagination!", what can I complain, Han is my best friend and he is very kind, nothing can stop him from saying that and it won't do any harm to anybody anyway. Although I agree, the armor we stored here have high level of enchantments, and the Elytra... It literally took us a merely a month to figure out how to make that thing works. In general, the meal wasn't too bad, guests are calmed down and funny. Again, I drove off due to the tireness of the day.



2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by luongdinhtu 07/19/2016 11:39:35 amJul 19th, 2016

Change the title of the novel. The title may seems confusing but I'll explain. The "Story of Villager" is the name for the series, [Before Everything] is the name of that part :D Hope I clear that for you ;)

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07/18/2016 10:22 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Slime Tamer
CreeperLadMC avatar
No offence, luongdinthu, but your grammar seriously needs work...you ought to proofread your essay a bit
07/18/2016 10:50 am
Level 34 : Artisan Explorer
luongdinhtu avatar
Yeah I know XD When I learn English, i didn't learn grammear until 3 years ago :( I don't want to bother anyone to fix my long article so i just did my best ;)
07/18/2016 9:17 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Slime Tamer
CreeperLadMC avatar
By the way, how long did it take for you to write this story? Just curious : )
07/18/2016 10:29 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Explorer
luongdinhtu avatar
2-3 days :D. Btw, what do you think about the story?
07/20/2016 10:57 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Slime Tamer
CreeperLadMC avatar
It's nice...:D
07/18/2016 7:14 am
Level 28 : Expert Blacksmith
striker107 avatar
Han needs to learn not to tell them everything.
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