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Minecraft PE Alpha v0.4.0 (v0.4.1)

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samurigeek's Avatar samurigeek
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It seems that Minecraft Alpha (v0.4.1) has been updated for IOS users

It has been updated for the iPhone 5's new Retina Graphics and HQ Quality Graphics
It has been added that trapdoors can now be crafted in the survival world and now TNT and Stone Bricks has
been added to the creative inventory,

The Alpha v0.4.0 Update (In case any of you missed it or don't have Minecraft PE Full)
Added Things:
- Chests for storing items
- Beds for skipping to dawn (day and nights are now longer), set your spawn point to the bed's position.
- Creepers and TNT (use flint and steel to ignite)
- Added food. Eat it to restore health.
- Farming; wheat, seeds and hoe
- Peaceful mode setting: healing and no monsters
- Trapdoor, new dyes and a few new recipes.

+More: close to 20 Bug Fixes
(Oak wood reskined)

- Creepers sometimes not breaking blocks
- Health not healing semi - automatically without peaceful mode

- Chests not skinned properly

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