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Minecraft: The Meteor

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The Meteor:

Once upon a time, Steve was living on, watching his favorite show. The MC NEWS showed up and said
they spotted a UFO in the sky. Steve went out on his lawn and focused his binoculars, a red sphere
dashed across his neighborhood with flames! Steve was worried it would hit one of his friends.
About night Steve went to brush his teeth, suddenly he heard a loud crash! He walked outside.
The red,flaming meteor was crashed in the street, everyone walked towards it and called the
police. They guarded and investigated the meteor until night. The police left and everybody did too.
Steve sneaked out with his iron pickaxe, he ran to the meteor and started mining the rock.
It took hours to mine one block, when he mined it was called Firedust. He mined all the blocks
and ran back home. It quickly turned day. He took all the Firedust and found you can make armor/weapons
with it. He quickly made a Firedust pickaxe, shovel , axe , sword , and hoe. And fully armor.
He stepped out, they could all tell he did it. The police set up the hand cuffs, when they touched them...
They burnt up into ashes, also the cuffs!

3 Months Later

Steve, he grew red eyes. He ruined the town... It was gone. Nobody else lived, as notch says, another meteor comes after another meteor. Another BLUE meteor was falling towards Steve. He never noticed. It crashed on him, the coldness leaked in him and burnt to death. The big bang, it was created. The world started again.

I will make Minecraft: The Meteor 2 soon. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!
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