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Minecraft Tutorial - How to install a mod (1.6.2)

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avatar iiMrBlockHead
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Hi guys today I'm doing a tutorial on how to install a mod for 1.6.2 Step 1) Open up ".minecraft" by typing "%appdata%" into the search bar when you press start Step 2) Once this folder is open, go to the folder "versions" Step 4) Copy the folder "1.6.2" and paste into the "versions" folder, it should appear as "1.6.2 - Copy". If you want you should rename the folder to a name you want. For this example I am doing optifine, so I called it "Optifine - 1.6.2". Step 5) Open this new folder you have created and you should see 2 things inside. There should be "1.6.2" winrar file and another file called "1.6.2". Open this file with notepad or something similar. Once this is open you should "1.6.2" on the top line. You should change this to whatever you called the folder containing the winwar and notepad files. Step 6) After go back into the new folder you have made and rename both of the files to what ever you called that folder and the text inside the notepad document. Step 7) Once this is done it is now time to install the mod. Open the "Optifine - 1.6.2" win war file and the mod file, drag and drop the mod files into the "Optifine - 1.6.2" file. Step 8) Now close the .minecraft and go onto the new minecraft launcher. On to top you should see some tabs, click on the "profile editor" and click "new profile" on the right hand side. Step 9) a pop up should come up and name the profile to what you called everything else, so I called it "Optifine - 1.6.2". Then go onto "Use version" and select the version you have created. I select "release Optifine - 1.6.2". Ayer this select save profile. Then in the top right corner you should see a drop down list. From the drop down list select "Optifine - 1.6.2". Step 10) you will be asked to log in. Once this is done run your minecraft and the mod should be installed! If it didn't work correctly I have added my video on how to do it. And that decently works :) -------------------------------------------------- My Server: www.InfinityMineGames.com -------------------------------------------------- View, comment, diamond, favourite and subscribe. Thanks everyone :)

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