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Mineplex: A Server Review

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If you like; Minigames like Super Smash Mobs, Sheep Quest, Turf Wars and Champions, then this server is for you!

Mineplex is one of biggest servers around, it has 3900 slots and TWO servers: Europe and USA! I for one, like the server as it has had awesome games in the past and some that are coming up!

There are two Donator Ranks: Ultra and
Hero! These two ranks can give you great advantages such as: cool gadgets, beta testing, Ultra-Only Classes in games and much more! The only disadvantage with having them on is that there is no Member-Only Server on minigames so you have to deal with the 'Awesome Guys'. A disadvantage for being an Ultra or Hero is that you can get some hate from other players!

Super Smash Mobs is similar to Super Smash Bros except it does not feature a percentage before being killed, rather it gives you infinite health but you can be knocked out of the playing area. You have 4 or 5 lives in this game and there are HEAPS of mobs to choose from with either Gems [Points for Games] or Donator Ranks. Some are free so don't worry, the mobs all have their own special ability and attacks. There are many maps created by previous users which all have a void!

Turf Wars is a gamemode where you have to build using limited wool and try and defeat the other team! You can build during build time without risk or during the attack time, with risk. Arrows will destroy Wool so be sure you have reinforced walls, with a good setup! You can only build on your color of clay, and cannot build on the enemy's side. During build time you cannot enter the other team's area, if you are already in it then you will be teleported back. At the start you get a useful amount of time but during the game you will get SHORT breaks to rebuild and defend yourself. The objective is to conquer the other team's area to their spawn building.

Finally, The Bridges. This game is like survival but with teams and bridges. Four Teams have some minutes to gather supplies and gear up along with their classes items. After the time is up the Bridges will come down, but they can be blowen up by players to prevent the other team from getting across. The winning team is the last one standing, a scoreboard will show how much you and the other teams members alive. The best stratagey is to stay in a hiding place until only one other team is left, then gear up and kill them behind their backs.

Yes, I have played all of these and I hope you have fun playing them as I had!
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