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Most of My OCs

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avatar Abdera Associate
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This is a picture of most of my OCs. I know, I'm terrible at drawing; but, I figured that I'd post it here. This picture is something that I wish I could do better with; like, give it more details and color. It is missing some of my more recent OCs; but, I might fix that at some point. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this, and have a blessed day! <><

Frame: R____r (This will be a secret, because I'm hoping to do something special with him.)

The Big Ones [top to bottom]: The Master Notalekt, Hadowsae, and a Whisperer (the name is not exactly permanent).

The Little Ones [left to right]: MaRA (Maintenance and Repair Android), Ersatz Acumen (Name subject to change), VSAA-325, The Engineer (aka. Captain Thomas Emerson), ATIP (Artificial Testing Intelligence Prototype), The Purger (Alter ego of ATIP), Kryptos (Whoa, I kinda forgot about this one.), The Static, Cyber-Angel (Yes, it is a Cyberman/Weeping Angel. It's actually based on a joke I made when FNAF was just starting.), and Ignotus (He might be in one of my upcoming stories.).

Creeps in the "Corners" [left to right]: A Clockworker and a Notalekt Minion.

P.S. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

6/15/18: I just saw this post on the homepage's popular zone, and I couldn't believe that my "art" made it there. So, thank you for getting it there.

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