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Helpful Mods For Survival Games!

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Sucking at Survival Games or Hunger Games?

Here are 3 awsome mods I've found to be really helpful!

Most of the Minecraft community already has either heard of this mod or already have it applied to their Minecraft. Every known youtuber that plays Minecraft has this mod, basically what it does is reduce if not get rid of lag in general... making everything run as smoothly as possible as you decapitate your survival game foes. Another great feature it does is add in a Zoom option that you can use to see other players from a distance.


What does it do you ask? Well it's already in the name, it indicates how much damage you inflict while also showing how many hearts they gain. Looking at them with your mouse you'll see the Players IGN (in game name) and their total health... Very helpful mod in my opinion, it feels weird playing Minecraft without it.

*fun story* I was playing survival games... following this real OP and I mean legit OP full iron armor, diamond sword, etc. ... anyways as I was behind her she took out another player leaving her with about 1.5 hearts afterwards. I, on the other hand... well I had 1 delicious, succulent, raw chicken... Of course I did what any normal player would do and beat em with my bear hands.   *My Facial Expression Seeing Her At 1.5 Hearts*--v
Did She Rage Afterwards You Ask?
Haha... yes... yes she did

Have you ever played Call of Duty? You've probably used your mini-map to kill and t-bag some guys there right?
... Now you can in MINECRAFT!

There are two very different versions of the mini-map mod, the Normal one with the Radar, usually just called "Mini-Map Mod"... and the less helpful one called
"Mini-Map Mod Without Radar". Now the one without the radar is exactly what it sounds like... no radar... Basically like playing COD and not seeing any red dots on your mini-map, Sucks Right? Yea, Thats why I chose to use the regular "Mini-Map Mod" with everything included on it, the terrain, your coordinates, and the best part... every player around you, including yourself. 


Finding these mods are quite easy, I mean... you are on the internet, but if you're too lazy to look them up here are the links since I'm such a nice person

Optifine Mod (I personally recommend Optifine HD A4 Ultra) <- (dat name doe)

Damage Indicator Mod (Minecraft Forge required) <-(Basically installs mods)

Mini-Map Mod (LiteLoader required) <-(Links with Forge)

By the way, these are all meant for Minecraft Version 1.7.10... so... use that...
But... But... The new 1.8 skins.... yea no, 1.8 versions of these arent out yet.

*Dont know how to install Forge and LiteLoader?*
Well, there's this thing called YouTube 

* Any Other Mods You Play With In Survival Games? *
Please Comment Them!

CreditVenti Iced Coffee from Starbucks... lol

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01/19/2015 12:48 pm
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are these mods considered cheating?