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-Muy Characters- [pop reel]

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Angelonasher avatar Angelonasher
Level 37 : Artisan Procrastinator
I decided to make a draft thing with my characters as I have seen other people do this C:
I have started writing about them but it's not really planned that well, and for others reason I cannot currently post what I have written so far. A story in this world for a bit context.

Also I haven't thought about how to describe them very well so my apologies (,:

None of the information here should be taken as 100% will always be canonical bcuz I'm still planning them out C:


Lots of information in here is KNOWINGLY FALSE. Since this story takes place only three years after a war, lots of information is really lies that the truth is spoilers. Also, Nationality is included bcuz it matters to the story kinda.

If it simply states the information, it means the CHARACTER has confirmed this information, not that it's true.

If it's "assumed to" it means the character has never confirmed this but other characters/the storyline seems to confirm it.

Their age, gender, and status are true though.

(also, my daydream with them spans the course of a year so if it's (age)...(age) that means it's their age but if its (age)-(age) it means I'm not sure yet)

Name: Hiro Genji
Gender: Male
Age: 16...17
Nationality: Assumed to be Durmanian
Status: A Roki
Sibling(s): Unknown
Hair Color: somewhere in the light orange spectrum XD (i think it's a strawberry blonde tbh)

Hair: Messy, in need of a haircut, tends to fall over his eyes
Eyes: A grayish green; angular but not sharp
Skin: Fair, with the slightest pinkish tint
Clothing: A plain, muted swamp green t-shirt with long, fingerless leather gloves that are made out of straps wrapped around his arms to his elbows. A gray, "neck tube" scarf thing that he always wears. Plain, long pants with old leather boots. He also has a gold-colored locket that he keeps tucked under his shirt.
Personality: Headstrong and stubborn. Acts first-thinks later. protective. A bit jumpy. Defensive. I'm not sure how to describe it but he kinda sounds easy going even though he's not really? hates authority, has a short temper and tends to be aggressive. Has trust issues. Doesn't really know how to respond to most strong emotions (whether they are his or someone else's).
Skin: N/A

Name: Daiki H. Gito
Gender: Male
Age: 18...19
Nationality: Durmanian
Status: Apprentice of a Goldsmith
Sibling(s): assumed to have none
Hair Color: very black, and shines blue

Hair: longish, almost always kept in a ponytail or a low bun. He often has a long lock of hair sticking out of the bun/ponytail
Eyes: brown, sharp and angular, and the top is pretty flat (makes sense?)
Skin: a bit darker than fair
Clothing: a dark, muted blue t-shirt with some fingerless strapped leather gloves (it's typical wear in this country) with light tan pants and high leather boots.
Personality: A bit blunt, prefers to be alone. Thinks first- acts later, protective. Puts others first. Hard working and dependable. doesn't really like small talk but is kinda good at it. The kind of person who only talks if he actually has something to say
Skin: N/A

Name: Rin Sato Tamaru
Gender: Female
Age: 12...13
Nationality: Tribal
Current Status: just normal I guess?
Sibling(s): One older brother
Hair Color: A sort of pastel green that fades into a darker, grass green

Hair: Short, a bit below her shoulders. Is usually tucked behind her ears. Wavy and more so towards the bottom
Eyes: Large and round. A gradient from pink to yellow.
Skin: on the pale side, a bit yellowish
Clothing: (im not sure yet but she likes skirts and shawls and usually wears longsleeves bcuz she gets cold easily)
Personality: Bubbly, talkative, innocent. A chatterbox. A bit oblivious but that's mostly bcuz of her limited English. Naive.
Skin: -As the Blizzard Blows Past- Oc Rin

Name: Yoshimi Furuya Aikawa (called Yuki by Hiro)
Gender: Female

Age: 15...16
Nationality: Tribal
Status: Normal
Sibling(s): None
Hair Color: A very dark brown

Hair: very long and smooth, to her hips. straight with a bit of wave
Eyes: a bit on the larger side and almond shaped. A very dark brown
Skin: on the tanner side, more desaturated than most
Clothing: she usually wears plain dresses or plain short sleeves with long skirts
Personality: calm, quiet, and timid around strangers. Around her friends, she can be a bit spunky at times.
Skin: N/A

Name: Torrence F. Mario
Gender: Male
Age: 17...18
Nationality: Unknown
Status: A conman/ trader in the Black Market
Sibling(s): Unknown
Hair Color: a desaturated dark blonde

Hair: short and a bit messy, a bit longer towards the top of his head
Eyes: sharp and angular, hazel
Skin: fair
Clothing: he likes wearing vests and he always wears a black glove on his left hand.
Personality: a sneaky liar. snarky, enjoys teasing people. has lots of "connections" the literal embodiment of a smirk. thinks very highly of himself. Can be a bit cold, mean, or insensitive but he actually does have feelings cares about his friends.
Skin: N/A

Name: Rumi L. Chinen
Gender: Female
Age: 21...22
Nationality: Durmanian
Status: Regular Citzen
Sibling(s): Giichi E. Chinen
Hair Color: Naturally white

Hair: long, till the middle of her back. Usually kept in a loose braid.
Eyes: sharp and angular. a chocolate brown
Skin: pale
Clothing: I'm not sure, but she usually wears long coats
Personality: blunt and bold. Does not like chatting or small talk. A "get to the point" sort of person. Strong in her beliefs, protective, and a great observer
Skin: N/A



-Muy Characters- [pop reel]

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05/22/2022 7:46 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Artist
MerBatPhan89 avatar
Very interesting. They sound like characters from an anime. Love this!
05/22/2022 7:48 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Procrastinator
Angelonasher avatar
Lol I do imagine them in an anime art style and most of their names are Japanese 0o0
05/22/2022 8:18 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Artist
MerBatPhan89 avatar
I know. I LOVE the Japanese anime art style! It's really beautiful
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