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My Minecraft Idea: Trap Block!

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nathanepicness's Avatar nathanepicness
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This is my minecraft modification idea. I beleive that there should be an easier way to capture mobs of all types. Thiscan be a way to do so. Introducing the "Trap Block," just one of my many great minecraft ideas. I hav others, but I chose this one because it is my favorite. Sorry I dn't have an actual picture of it, but I have the crating recipe though.

The crafting recipe should be shown above, but what is it used for? Well, whe it is placed on the ground (you'd probably want to dig one block down and put the trap block in the hole) a mob can walk across it, of course. But when it does this, the mob will be sucked into the trap block, movingaround inside of it the same way as of a monster spawner. The only difference is that it can't get out until you reactivate the block by either breaking it, right cicking it, or activating it wit redstone. If te player gets stuck in it, however, he/she can keep on umping and eventuallly get out of the trap, similar to trying to get out of a spider web. Or, the block can be broken, right clicked, or activated by redstone by anoter player, and the player will automatically get out of the trap block.The block has a rather ancient trappy type look. What does trappy mean? Spikes or something, like you'd see in "Indiana Jones." Well, that's pretty much it! Please diamond if you think tat they should make this!!!!
CreditIdea Made by XEros12251

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08/21/2013 1:11 am
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