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Need Help?? Learn to use: Beacons

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Bob_In_Soup's Avatar Bob_In_Soup
Level 44 : Master Electrician
Hello guys, today I show you how to use: Beacons!! So lets start, shall we?? *EDIT: Hey! Thanks for getting this to 2000 views! You guys are the best!*

So you start with a 5x5 gold, iron, diamond or emerald platform, in this case I used gold.

Need Help?? Learn to use: Beacons

aEaENext you put a 3x3 platform out of the same material on top.

aENext you place your Beacon on top. It should shoot a beam into the air.

aENow you right click your beacon. It should look like this. If not, exit and then enter it again.

aENext put in a Diamond, Iron Ingot, Emerald, or Gold Ingot. In this case I will use a Gold Ingot.

aENow choose your effect (Speed, Haste, Resistance, or Jump Boost) Just click on it. I choose to do "Jump Boost"

aEAfter you choose your effect, click the green check mark.

aENow your Beacon will give off that effect every 8 seconds in a 20 block range.

aEThanks for Reading!! Have a good Day/Night.

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