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Nerdicon The Legendary Nerd

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Level 27 : Expert Nerd
This is an unfinished story that is being worked on at the time you are reading this... hopefully... so please delays are always expected  :o
The Nerds - Chapter 1

The land of the Nerds was ruled over by the royal and nerdy yet fearsome family of Nerdacusia. This huge village was called Nerdtopia. It was a place where all you could hear was a good load of chickens laying eggs and shouting out random math equations peacefully, trees with a lot of algebra carved on their dark brown wood, houses in the shape of books where Nerds live, but anyways... The family of Nerdacusia were expecting a charming intelligent little blocky baby. No one knew if it was a girl or a boy, as the mother didn’t want to know so that it will be a surprise to all of Nerdtopia.

It was exactly the 21st of August, 1999, seven minutes and twenty-three seconds past three in the afternoon that the first sight of the baby’s blocky head was seen at Nerdtopia’s hospital. A nurse quickly shouted in joy “IT’S A BOY! IT’S A BOY! QUICKLY! LETS GET IT OUT BECAUSE IT’S A BOY!” and the nurse with the help of the doctor gently grabbed the poor little boy, cleaned off the blood on his delicate skin and was handled to his mother. With a few tears hanging from his mother’s eyes and his father on the side, they managed to name their son, dedicated to his great-great-great-great-grandfather, the one and only, lord almighty, Nerdicon.

 All of the planet of Minecraftia was shocked by this great birth that can change this world into a better place... Except for the archnemesis of Nerdtopia. They were a cruel, ugly, terrifying empire. They were low in intelligence but high in strength and numbers. They were the Punks. They couldn’t believe such a thing that a new born nerd could destroy their kingdom, because as quoted in the book of Nunamuna “...there will be a time when the kingdom of Nerds will rise with their new king, Nerdicon, saviour of all calculators, reviver of math and conqueror of all other things, to slay once and for all the great king, Punkikon.” So to make sure this wouldn’t happen, the Punks started to train hard for their most epic battle yet.

The Punks - Chapter 2

On the other side of Minecraftia lived the fearsome, stupid and ugly Punks. Unlike Nerdtopia, Punkilonia was a total mess. The place was pathetic, everywhere you step was just grassless dirt and some cobblestone where the punks drive their cool motorbikes. Mentioning the motorbikes, these were mostly what the Punks were known for, their really good driving skills. They could drive on top of wooden fences with their motorbikes, and ace it like bosses. They take great care to their motorbikes more than they take care of themselves to say the truth. You wouldn’t find one single damaged motorbike as they would fix it, clean it and it would look as good as new or even better.

Other than that, Punkilonia was trash and good for nothing.Though, Punkilonia was ruled by a deadly king, Punkikon. He was huge for his age as he was only fifteen years old. He was taller than an average man, much taller and a lot more bulky. His parents died in a recent war against the Faturists, a different kind of empire filled with a lot of fat and obese people. So he was left alone to calm down the Punks and rule Punkilonia by himself. The Nerds weren’t welcome to show up near any territory of the Punks or else they would be executed on sight. Their hatred to the Nerds was enormous, so basically on Nerdicon’s birth, Punkilonia went mad and Punkikon was so furious that he made a plan to strike the Nerds and kill them all before something bad happens to the Punks.

His plan had a few problems though. To fulfill his plans a lot of time had to pass, about five to seven years for some reason believe it or not. As mentioned before, the Punks were not that intelligent to think of good plans, so Punkikon couldn’t come up with a better plan. His plan was pretty simple though. He wanted to recruit a lot of Punks to join and aid him in his battle against the Nerds. He wanted atleast 25,000 Punks to battle the Nerds and achieve his goal, so he did his basic math, with help of an imprisoned old Nerd that had been in Punkilonia's prisons for as long as any of the Punks could remember, and noticed that he needed a lot of time to get all those Punks.

 The Great One - Chapter 3

Years passed, and Nerdicon celebrated his 6th birthday. His IQ was over 9000 already and his parents gave him the world’s best calculator. It was really slim, it had a touch screen, it also had a gaming system were you could play games such as Connect four or Candy Crush Saga. He really loved to play sudoku though. He loved to study for a good four hours and then go spend his free time playing sudoku. He already had a job at the school of St. Mortikalu.

He was the head teacher of the school were he taught 843 10-year old Nerds. His lessons were usually really hard to understand for these poor children but he wasn’t kind with his students, his motto always was: As long as I understand, you understand. Once when he was teaching a class of 105 students, a TNT explosion was set with redstone at the school’s yard. Everyone hurried down to see what has happened with their calculators in their hands to protect them from any danger. It was an attack by the Punks as a warning sign to let them know that in the coming weeks, a battle among the two empires will be held on top of Mount. Yekristika. This mountain was known for a lot of battles that can't be forgotten for centuries were great empires fell to their knees to other greater empires.

All the Nerds started to cry because they weren’t the best at fighting, but Nerdicon had already started to plan on how he will win against the Punks with his intelligence. So he ran to his parents and they discussed a plan. They grouped up all the Nerds of Nerdtopia, and they all started to train with their rulers to slash the Punks. Nerdicon was mixing up a good plan with his parents as he was writing equations all over his palace walls trying to figure out the best way to strike the Punks easily and win without hesitation.



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