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avatar UndeadGaming606
Level 34 : Artisan Zombie
First off, thank you all so much for level 20! I'm now an expert at being a zombie rather than a journeyman (Which just sounded kinda weird. Journeyman Zombie? Expert Zombie sounds weird, too, but not as weird as Journeyman Zombie.) and I am really thankful. Just thank you all so much.

Now, I plan on putting at the end of all my blogs/projects/mods/whatever this:

"Like my work? Subscribe and join the Army of the Undead!"

Tell me what you think of my outro and yes, I now call my subscribers the Army of the Undead (Which I also plan on doing for YouTube. I have not started doing YouTube yet, though.); tell me if you come up with a better name for my subscribers.

Make sure to take a look at my sneak peek blog for Realms of Inferious. Realms of Inferious is going to be a HUGE mod with 24 new dimensions. I'm 2nd in charge of the team. Interested in Realms of Inferious? Have questions about Realms of Inferious? Just ask/tell me on my Realms of Inferious sneak peek blog.

Like my work? Subscribe and join the Army of the Undead!

01/24/2014 11:09 pm
Level 26 : Expert Pokemon
Subscribed :) Can't wait for the mod! Sounds amazing!
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