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LOTR Mod Servers that I have encountered.

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avatar Darth Feanor
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Lego Builder
Greetings, this is my first blog so please excuse me if it is not perfect. That being said this blog is on the Lord of the Rings mod Servers I have been to. This blog is sort of a listing of them based on my time in them and experience with
the staff members. Just to reiterate, this blog is biased on my experience there. So if you wish to know how they work a bit here it is. I may add more servers to this list as I try them.

The Official Server
This server is the official server of the LOTR Mod and is run by the modding team/mod owner(Mevans). It is the oldest
server I am aware of and has been online constantly since its creation. The server does have quite a bit of lag at most
times, but sometimes it is perfectly fine. The hierarchy is long since set up on faction leaders and rules for each
faction. I do not spend much time on this server though I did join the Sindar faction long ago.

The Second Age Server
The Second Age server is a server that worked on a special edition of the LOTR Mod, and has long since been discontinued. As I said, this server is dead for now, but it is being reforged from a Second Age server to being a server based in the First Age of Middle-earth. This will be an interesting server I imagine and I expect will work much as the SA(Second Age) server did. When this server comes online it will have it's own version of the mod again with the same staff members as before. When SA was online, they had a few helpful plugins such as one that added /tpa to players to send teleport requests to them and or be teleported to. Also keep inventory was set to false, I think it added to the realism of the server. Whether or not these will be in the future First Age server, I cannot say. Also, this was my number one server to play on before it's shutdown to become First Age. I hope it comes back soon.

Rise of Morgoth Server
This server is run with the normal mod version, and is kept as up to date as possible when new version comes out. It also has its own wiki separate from the main LOTR Mod wiki. The owner of the server may not be clear at first as he does not have an Owner prefix, instead he is Morgoth aka Melkor and leads Angband from the north This server uses a few interesting plugins that are very helpful in-game. The plugin for /tpa for example, /nickname plugin, and one for magical words hidden throughout Middle-earth. The keep-inventory rule is set to true on this server, just makes it easier for playing. This server also has an interesting builder positions rule. Anyone can be a builder on the server as long as you prove yourself trustworthy of it and have skills to match, to keep the builds of good quality. Should you break the owner/staff trust on this they will not let you enter build mode on the server. This server is my favorite server so far I think.

Fellowships Server
As it's name suggests it rose about the Fellowship Update for the LOTR Mod. The server is a very well done server with great staff members. Also has it's own special questing system plugin for good or evil and some for both. The factions are all mostly set up and kings rule the lands and can give out land as they please from their realm. Also, the lag on this server is minimal on most days. However if a war is going on there may be some lags, but that is to be expected from hundreds of NPCs in one place. All in all, this is great server.

Eras of Arda, the First Age Server
The First Age server has its own custom version of the LOTR mod for its server, which is very well done in my opinion. The biomes of middle-earth have been totally changed to fit the First Age of Middle-earth. I am not sure if Valinor is in this mod or not as a region/faction. To the west of Beleriand is just ocean as far as I can see. The server does not have keep inventory on to enhance realism, but another plugin conflicts with it a small but so it results in only random items being lost from your inventory when you die. The lore points on the server are kept very strict and rigid to them so players can have a totally FA (First Age) experience on it. I think they could ease up just a little bit for the sake of fun, but that is up to them. In total, this is a very good server to play on if you want the almost total "role play" aspect of a server. Also, personally I have joined Nargothrond on the server.

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