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Once Upon An Illager

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Miss_Peru_18's Avatar Miss_Peru_18
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Once there was three illagers. A Pillager, a Evoker and Vindicator. They’re names are Phil (Pillager), Evan (Evoker) and Van (Vindicator). They are all young. Well except for Van the Vindicator. He’s 31 years old. Well was till he died of Covid. He was very sick on and off and in and out of the hospital day in and day out. Phil Pillager said to Evan Evoker. “Do you wish Van hadn’t not died of Covid?” And Evan Evoker said. “Yes! I wish I sure wish Van shouldn’t had gotten sick so much Phil. I do miss him from time to time, but it’s not too much that I’ll miss Van that much. I’ll cry, but it more a female’s thing that does the crying. Not the males that cry.” Phil Pillager said once again. “Yeah! It’s not the same without Van Vindicator. It’s just NOT THE SAME! Ugh! Why didn’t I not die with him?! (In tears) *Tears are literally streaming down his face*.

End Of Script!

Just imagine how you would feel if you had a loved one or friend that has died of Covid? How would you feel? Let me know down in the comments.

The Lost Villager [​DeviantArt]:


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The Lost Villager [DeviantArt] : by Miss_Peru_18 07/09/2022 2:33:30 amJul 9th, 2022

Added a link to my *The Lost Villager* [on DeviantArt]



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